Synonyms for Sheath:


defender, precaution, guardian, protection, safeguard, protector, shield, lifesaver, champion, guardian angel. chuck, broomstick, claw, bit, butt, bristle, the business end, blade, edge, attachment, surface, membrane, lamina. gown, chemise, evening dress, dress, cheongsam, ballgown, formal, dirndl, frock. body (noun)
case (noun)
container, crate, bin, box, crib, wrapping, sheathing, canister, folio, holster, covering, carton, scabbard, cover, cedar chest, hutch, quiver, casket, capsule, portfolio, chest, socket, rack, spathe, file, coffer.
covering (noun)
envelope, canopy, capsule, dress, scabbard, dermis, wrapping, case, coat, shroud, coating, skin, patina, covering, screening, veneer.
layer (noun)
sheath (noun)
cocktail dress, case.
shell (noun)
carapace, plate, casing, hull, husk, shell, crust, Lorication, armor, case, sheathing.
skin (noun)
carapace, lamina, dermis, skin.


cover (verb)
cloak, mask, cover, enshroud, envelop, veil, encase, wrap, blanket, coat, overlay.

Other synonyms:

lamina. dress. Other relevant words:
bristle, precaution, formal, chuck, spathe, blade, lifesaver, prepuce, attachment, cocktail dress, surface, butt, ballgown, dirndl, shield, bit, safeguard, lamina, frock, edge, protector, cheongsam, champion, claw, defender, gown, chemise, dress, protection, membrane, guardian, broomstick.

Usage examples for sheath

  1. I'd get dressed up like a broken arm every afternoon; and, say, I got one sheath skirt, black and white striped, that just has to be looked at. – Ruggles of Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson
  2. His fingers were covered with gold rings, and the sheath and handle of his sword sparkled with precious stones. – Pretty Michal by Mór Jókai
  3. A long, hard- edged, broad, red sword in a sheath woven and twisted of white silver, over the ... – The Ancient Irish Epic Tale Táin Bó Cúalnge by Unknown