Synonyms for Awhile:


all (adverb)
for a while.
for a short period (adverb)
for the moment, momentarily, briefly, for a spell, temporarily, not for long, for a little while, for a while.


fleeting, short-term, briefly, short-lived, not for long, floating, for a spell, momentarily, temporarily, for a brief respite, variable, passing, for the moment, for a short time, transient, for some time, brief, temporary, inconstant, for a little while. awhile (noun)
for a while.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
fleeting, for the moment, brief, temporary, momentarily, transient, temporarily, briefly.

Usage examples for awhile

  1. " I don't know," she said softly, after awhile with a little discouraged shrug of her shoulders. – Sisters by Kathleen Norris
  2. Such men must go away from their business and let Nature work on them awhile – The Young Man and the World by Albert J. Beveridge
  3. Once in awhile the Captain would look at him, and say to us in English, 'About twenty- four hours more, eh? – The Boy Scouts on a Submarine by Captain John Blaine