Synonyms for Heel:


contemptible (adjective)
degenerate, base.


armpit, ankle, spur, appendage, big toe, ball, hock, calf, foot, arch, arm, clubfoot. foundation, bottom, cat litter, call off, kennel, handler, answer to, kitty litter, litter, domesticate, exercise, lift. breast pocket, coattails, armhole, care label, base, collar, crust, end, buttonhole, bib, bodice. desert boot, Brogues, boot, deck shoe, cleats, clodhoppers, Birkenstock, crosstrainer, skunk, clog, cowboy boots. instep, behind, in back of, cleat, shoelace, lace, bootlaces, shoestring, spat, following, insole, sole. go about, capsize, heave to, come about, hydroplane, ground, cast off, precede, trail, dock, founder, tag. fix up, heal, do up, patch, mend, fix, overhaul, darn, maintain. bad person (noun)
malingerer, knave, degenerate, hog, rogue, pervert, lecher, bad guy, rascal, reprobate, jezebel, pig, swine, slattern, backslider, miscreant, slob, villain, criminal, shyster, scoundrel, traitor, rapscallion, blackguard, scamp.
cad (noun)
bounder, scoundrel, rascal.
cur (noun)
blackguard, cad, skunk, villain, hound.
end (noun)
heel (noun)
cad, blackguard, reheel, hound, counter, bounder, dog.
villain (noun)
gyp, sneak, Defrauder, swindler, cheat, mischief-maker, evildoer, delinquent, scalawag, trickster.


equip (verb)
fix up, arm.

Other synonyms:

kennel, kitty litter, foot, cat litter, shoelace, insole, bootlaces, domesticate, litter. instep, overhaul, handler, spat, come about, shoestring. founder, cleat, answer to, mend, go about, darn, hydroplane. cast off. heal, trail, lace. do up, sole, dock, maintain. exercise. patch. fix. ground. follow
Other relevant words:
dog, hound, behind, spur, clubfoot, cad, bootlaces, skunk, bounder, go about, tag, arch, instep, hydroplane, reheel, litter, overhaul, hock, shoestring, cleat, lace, sole, arm, kennel, base, foot, crust, trail, end, dock, come about, fix, boot, insole, darn, counter.

Usage examples for heel

  1. Cornplanter turns on his heel from the Huron maiden who forgets her blood." – Betty Zane by Zane Grey
  2. Blake listened quietly, and without a word turned on his heel and returned to his chair. – One-Way Ticket to Nowhere by Leroy Yerxa
  3. Lyddy turned on her heel without a word; her mind was beyond and above words. – The Village Watch-Tower by (AKA Kate Douglas Riggs) Kate Douglas Wiggin