Synonyms for Ruler:


checkbox, blip, button bar, active window, blank, box, bar, avatar, button, cell. triangle, theodolite, set square, dividers, Compasses, plumb line, slide rule. artifact (noun)
chief (noun)
supervisor, overseer, superintendent, proprietor, boss, governor, captain, ringleader, head, principal, president, general, commander, director, manager, leader, dictator.
commander (noun)
guru, chief, kingpin, commandant, officer, administrator.
director (noun)
taskmaster, overlord, mayor, conductor, warden, foreman, boss, king, ringleader, overseer, general, ringmaster, administrator, queen, baron, band master, superintendent, magistrate, supervisor.
gauge (noun)
tape measure, gauge, sextant, protractor, square, scale, rod, rule, log, T square, vernier, micrometer, straightedge, transit, dial, line, calipers, compass, yardstick, level.
governor (noun)
leader (noun)
conductor, dean.
master (noun)
director, kingpin, executive, leader, chief, manager, mother, governor, mandarin, proprietress, star, commander, landlady, head, guru, president, quartermaster, captain, officer, master, lord, principal, squire, titleholder, taskmaster, mahatma, sire, abbot, landlord, senior, headmistress, proprietor, headmaster, maestro, authority, dean, commandant.
person (noun)
potentate (noun)
head of state, potentate.
principal (noun)
royalty (noun)
ruler (noun)
sovereign, emperor, king, potentate, prince, queen, lord, baron, crowned head, slide rule, monarch, swayer, straightedge, overlord, yardstick, rule.
tyrant (noun)

Other synonyms:

slide rule, set square, dictator, theodolite, dividers. court. triangle. governor
emperor, potentate.
Other relevant words:
accession, monarch, avatar, coronation, blip, abdicate, crown, blank, potentate, court, depose, prince, regent, adjudicator, dethrone, emperor, bar, sovereign, swayer, triangle, chancellor, dividers, Compasses, theodolite, accede, premier, cell, box, checkbox, dictator, head of state, button, crowned head.

Usage examples for ruler

  1. " Thus, ruler of a nation which loves war. – The White Shield by Bertram Mitford
  2. Thou mighty ruler of the world! – Hero Tales and Legends of the Serbians by Woislav M. Petrovitch