Synonyms for Concession:


admission, acknowledgment, voice, public interest, right, entrance, entry, access, priority. product, authorization, wares, consumer goods, franchise, merchandise, acquisition, loss leader, come-on, permit, bundle, goods. remedy, process of elimination, way out, resolution, solution, cure, fix, answer, agree, heuristics. bookshop, book club, antique shop, bookstall, bookstore, beauty parlor, beauty salon, barbershop, bakeshop, big-box store. conciliate, call off, concede, arbitrate, buckle, bridge-building, break up. off, nosedive, special offer, on offer, cash discount, reduction, twofer, discount, on sale. defeat, pullout. communication (noun)
compliance (noun)
compromise (noun)
allowance, accommodation, reconciliation, halfway point, compensation, middle course, mediation, adjustment, appeasement, settlement, compromise.
concession (noun)
grant, yielding, conceding.
dismissal (noun)
dispensation, release, dismissal, excuse, stay, exception, license, amnesty, exemption, reprieve, permission, relief, waiver, privilege, immunity, absolution, discharge, freedom, liberty, pardon.
offer (noun)
attempt, advance, citation, present, investiture, offer, bestowal, gift, donation, bid, quotation, issue, offering, grant, submission, deal, invitation, approach, endowment, tender, overture.
permit (noun)
yielding, adjustment (noun)
compromise, privilege, permission, deal, grant, allowance, authorization, admission, acknowledgment, permit.

Other synonyms:

arbitrate, access, voice, cash discount, conciliate, special offer, twofer, acknowledgment, call off, bridge-building, priority. franchise, reduction, entry, public interest, break up. entrance, pullout. admission, defeat. concede. right. off. deduction
Other relevant words:
barbershop, access, bundle, solution, reduction, authorization, conciliate, cash discount, buckle, permit, bakeshop, bridge-building, priority, admission, yielding, defeat, discount, fix, arbitrate, entrance, merchandise, agree, acknowledgment, right, resolution, pullout, acquisition, bookshop, heuristics, concede, twofer, wares, entry, cure, conceding, bookstore, franchise, nosedive, product, bookstall, goods, off, voice, remedy, answer.

Usage examples for concession

  1. It was an early Christian theory much lost sight of, " Love, and do as you please," the safety of the concession resting upon the quality of the love. – The Dark Tower by Phyllis Bottome