Synonyms for Conk:


beat, noddle, poll, noggin, smack, body, head, beat up, stun, noodle, punch, batter, thump, pate, block, bludgeon, nut, bean. bash, pound, bang, swat, paste, wallop, welt, blow, clout, sock, slug, thwack, strike, lick, wham, attack, bop, whack, HIT, biff, whop, belt, clip. knock, slog, smash, smite, sock it to someone, slam, catch, pop, let someone have it. conk (noun)
swoon, pop off, croak, stall, faint, buy the farm, snuff it, kick the bucket, pass out, choke, drop-dead.


die (verb)
swat, knock, faint, HIT, stall.
motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

biff, noddle, noggin, noodle, whop, clout, bash, bop, pate. paste, wallop, smite, poll, knock, thwack, wham, HIT, sock, whack. clip, slam, welt, slug. slog, belt, bean, smash, pop. strike. bang. nut, lick. head, block. catch. drop dead
Other relevant words:
beat, bludgeon, strike, clout, let someone have it, smite, wham, swat, noddle, belt, bop, smash, sock it to someone, slog, noodle, clip, thump, whack, batter, biff, bang, body, attack, punch, wallop, whop, head, stun, sock, nut, knock, thwack, blow, poll, bash, bean, pate, lick, welt, pop, slug, pound, block, smack, noggin, slam, HIT, paste, catch.