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possess (verb)

monopolize, have, possess, hold, acquire, own.

petition (verb)

hope, apply, compete, seek, aspire, petition, bid.

Other synonyms:

introduce, fill, engage, impute to, entrance, ultimatum, requirement, take aim, civil liberties, concession, lease, charge, insist on something, direct, require, subscribe to, strike, interest, assertion, birdsong, discredit, take on, title of respect, requirement, withdraw, order, enclosure, advance, entreaty, bill, rely on, dun, voice, part, dibs, argue, take up, contract, shoot, ask for, level at, vociferation, film, postulation, get hold of, adduce, drive, postulation, right, apologia, sweep, subscribe, right, owned, margin call, attestation, call, conservation area, telephone call, massacre, acreage, entreaty, suit, part, championship, attack, remove, dispatch, entry, occupy, assurance, kill, choose, give, ingest, disprove, charter, asseverate, profession, appeal, exterminate, yell, Chapter 7, crown, adopt, insistence, case, pick out, form of address, walk off with, take over, protestation, assertion, application, exact, stake, lead, conservancy, arrogate, strangle, could do with something, ask, application, civil law, stake, study, bump off, share, involve, recapture, read, importunity, debunk, deed, necessitate, request, case law, requisition, lay claim, avowal, invite, counterclaim, allegation, dispute, take, Chapter 11, asseveration, title, disabuse, profession, cite, accusation, lay claim to something, use up, confound, vindicate, bring, apportion, dry land, insist on, deal, demand, refute, summons, public interest, produce, suit, requisition, hire, walk away with, solicitation, repudiate, corridor, contention, aim, call for, make, ultimatum, guide, phone call, outcry, contention, stick on, take someone's life, rent, act, depend on, assign, declaration, train, carry off, cry, murder, assassinate, civil rights, deflate, request, allegation, postulate, carry, want, award, select, take in, explode, domain, beg, lay something at someone's door, priority, bylaw, song, counterclaim, rubric, statute title, allege, usurp, cry out for, consume, birdcall, contain, convey, shout, letter, avow, interest, say, protestation, slaughter, learn, permission, stake a claim (to something), have first call on, offer, deed of conveyance, access, consider, look at, take away, avouchment, announcement, border, appeal, apology, case, conduct, declaration, pack, need, dish out, seize, plead, call option, belt.

Examples of usage:

" Your mother and you have a claim upon me," he went on. - "Jewel A Chapter In Her Life", Clara Louise Burnham.

" I have no claim upon you or your father," I answered. - "The Betrayal", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

He may claim every dance that Sir Henry does not claim. - "The Reckoning", Robert W. Chambers.

Similar words:

round clam, soft-shell clam, Santa Claus, Sir James Clark ross, social class, third class, substitution class, sergeant first class, socio-economic class, third-class mail.

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