Synonyms for Broadcast:


published (adjective)
reported (adjective)
spread out (adjective)


give away, spill the beans, tell, lay something bare, offload, leak, betray, let (it) slip. come-on, run, blazon, screen, televise, noise, bruit, knowledge, break, blaze. documentary, call-in, chat show, breakfast television, docusoap, words, docudrama, feature, closed-captioned, annunciate. broadcast (noun)
disseminate, aired, publicised, spread, distribute, distributed, program, circularize, beam, diffuse, publicized, transmit, send, circulate, pass around, propagate, circularise, disperse, programme.
communication (noun)
programme, program.
documentary (noun)
information on electronic media (noun)
program, simulcast, announcement, telecast, radiocast, show, performance, publication, newscast, advertisement.
publication (noun)
herald, bulletin, dissemination, newsletter, promotion, journalism, notice, gazette, review, advertisement, propaganda, newsmagazine, commercial, periodical, newspaper, handbill, journal, circular, announcement, promulgation, publication, organ.
television program (noun)
newscast, show, performance, telecast, simulcast, radiocast, Tv Program, radio program, wireless transmission.


communication (verb)
transmit, send, beam.
disclose (verb)
declare, disclose, brief, reveal, advertise, disseminate, assert, proclaim, uncloak, unmask, express, testify, announce, communicate, confess, divulge, exhibit.
disclosed (verb)
expressed, proclaimed, confessed, Communicated, advertised, revealed, asserted, Testified, uncloaked, unmasked, Exhibited, briefed, announced, declared, disclosed, Disseminated, Divulged.
make public (verb)
disseminate, advertise, publish, distribute, blazon, annunciate, promulgate, spread, proclaim, declare, report.
publish (verb)
promote, circulate, report, publish, promulgate, propagandize, post.
published (verb)
published, posted, propagandized, circulated, reported, Promoted, promulgated.
put forth on electronic media (verb)
circulate, announce, transmit, televise, communicate, send, beam.

Other synonyms:

closed-captioned, annunciate, televise, newscast, bruit, blazon, telecast, docusoap, simulcast, chat show, breakfast television. come-on. call-in. screen, feature. show. run. publicize
Other relevant words:
give away, performance, circularise, televise, betray, pass around, spread, newscast, program, simulcast, run, feature, publicised, circularize, distributed, leak, spill the beans, publicized, docusoap, bruit, propagate, docudrama, annunciate, aired, distribute, radiocast, telecast, beam, show, noise, disperse, diffuse, send, words, programme, transmit, screen, blazon, offload, knowledge, break, tell, blaze, closed-captioned, documentary.

Usage examples for broadcast

  1. The sowing is " broadcast but in a limited way, as the fields are usually only a few rods square. – The Bontoc Igorot by Albert Ernest Jenks
  2. The abolitionists reprinted portions of Society of America, as a pamphlet, and distributed it broadcast – Harriet Martineau by Florence Fenwick Miller
  3. I believe, if I were in your place, I'd rather have the truth told broadcast than to live for ever with that peril hanging over me. – The Hollow of Her Hand by George Barr McCutcheon