Synonyms for Fleet:


agile (adjective)
quick, bustling.
all (adjective)
fast (adjective)
fleeting, nimble, breakneck, presto, rushing, fast, allegro, quick, hurried, expeditious, galloping, hurrying, rapid, swift, hasty, speedy, snappy, dashing, light-footed.
fleet (adjective)
brisk, breakneck, agile, nimble, flying, swift, fast, rapid, speedy, expeditious, hasty.
hasty (adjective)
brisk, impatient, running, fast, speedy, galloping, hasty, quick, rapid, flying, urgent, hurried, feverish, breakneck, swift, darting, bustling, abrupt, dashing, pelting, rushing, breathless.
very fast (adjective)


agile, deft, at full speed/tilt/throttle, high-speed. air force, airborne, cavalry, the armed forces, the Coast Guard, the artillery, C-IN-C, command, air power. cockpit, barb, bait, drifter, dragnet, hell-for-leather, decoy, fishing line, fishing rod, creel, drift net. ephemeral, fugacious, motorcade, fugitive, traffic, passing, car pool, temporary, evanescent, convoy, short-lived, fleeting, time, transitory, temporal, transient, momentary, continue, flotilla. get cracking, rocket, rush, nip, pelt, run like the wind, whirl, barrel, fly, rip, hasten, whiz, hurry, go like lightning, make haste, whisk, zip, bustle, bolt, scour, tear, haste, festinate, highball, make time, hotfoot, sprint, sail, shake a leg, speed, move, go like the wind, hotfoot it, zoom, get a move on, bucket, race, trot, make tracks, hustle. armada (noun)
crew (noun)
party, gang, league, hive, drove, assemblage, school, flock, cell, phalanx, army, ring, caucus, detail, bevy, pack, troop, mob, coalition, retinue, coterie, colony, division, complement, covey, aggregation, force, circle, crowd, host, club, staff, tribe, fraternity, group, collection, crew, clan, assembly, company, outfit, team, nest, sect, set, band, wing, detachment, battalion, cabal, society, litter, fellowship, union, brigade, herd, troupe, clique, posse, bunch, junta, string, platoon, regiment, squad, body, cadre, faction.
expedition (noun)
team, crew, crowd, party, posse, company.
fleet (noun)
evanesce, dart, blow over, flutter, flit, swift, fast, pass, pass off, fade, flotilla.
swift (noun)
study at fast.


flit (verb)
hurry, fly, dart, whisk, sail, zip, rush, whiz, wing, pass, speed.
fly (verb)
circle, flit, flutter.

Other synonyms:

hell-for-leather, festinate, flotilla, fugacious, motorcade, convoy. evanescent, hotfoot, zoom, bustle, momentary, passing, temporary, rush, highball, whisk, short-lived, ephemeral, rocket, fleeting. sail, temporal, sprint, rip, transient, hasten, car pool, fugitive. bucket, tear, whiz. hustle, nip, hurry, haste, whirl. bolt, traffic, transitory. fly. flit
Other relevant words:
continue, hotfoot, creel, flotilla, short-lived, zoom, momentary, run like the wind, hasten, go like lightning, zip, pass, blow over, fade, traffic, fleeting, sprint, agile, temporal, high-speed, airborne, hurry, flit, evanescent, time, bait, cavalry, motorcade, sail, hell-for-leather, tear, scour, make haste, evanesce, passing, race, drifter, trot, shake a leg, go like the wind, hotfoot it, rip, make tracks, make time, festinate, barb, ephemeral, fugitive, get cracking, fly, move, rocket, dragnet, transient, fugacious, temporary, transitory, bolt, whisk, barrel, whirl, rush, bustle, nip, whiz, pelt, hustle, convoy, dart, haste, highball, command, flutter, speed, cockpit, decoy, get a move on, pass off, deft, bucket.

Usage examples for fleet

  1. " It may take us a little time to get an effective fleet together. – Space Viking by Henry Beam Piper
  2. I hear that we now have forty- three ships in the fleet – “Crumps”, The Plain Story of a Canadian Who Went by Louis Keene
  3. What business around our war- fleet – A Victor of Salamis by William Stearns Davis