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perfect (adjective)

faultless, untarnished, unblemished.

pure (adjective)


Other synonyms:

entire, straight, metric, autarchic, inalienable, infrangible, dreadful, univocal, plain, pure, bodacious, settled, federal, unreserved, independent, unhesitating, clean, very, unequivocal, blooming, strong, monocratic, downright, suppressive, imperious, plumb, domineering, unstinted, geocentric, the real McCoy, restricted, commanding, dogmatic, absolutistic, sacrosanct, secure, firm, conclusive, altogether, fair, unconditioned, lordly, living, overbearing, despotic, full, unlimited, democratic, cotton-picking, comprehensive, unflawed, all-out, deadly, autarchical, inquisitorial, rank, dictatorial, unassailable, indefectible, absolutist, wholehearted, authoritative, fascist, crashing, good, unrelieved, over, imperative, impregnable, factor, seamless, unmixed, collectivist, fanatic, literally, unconditional, unalloyed, coercive, sheer, governing, last, irresponsible, syntactically independent, nazi, impeccable, flat-out, compulsory, gradation, peremptory, picture-perfect, fine, implicit, arrogant, blanket, autocratical, free, profound, bicameral, the real thing, unalienable, unconditional, czarist, immaculate, verisimilitude, neat, the real world, flawless, communistic, measure, straight-out, unrestrained, constitutional, autocratic, colonialist, total, dead, governmental, compulsive, arbitrary, undoubting, actuality, letter-perfect, inviolate, complete, picture-book, big, unconstrained, the genuine article, reality, objective, stone, definitive, limited, deciding, purified, stark, graduation, undemocratic, controlling, unfaltering, thoroughgoing, oppressive, utter, politics, perfectly, imperial, blank, official, particular, positive, calibration, unquestioning, totalitarian, metrication, unequivocal, tyrannic, faultless, unbounded, arbitrary, substance, especially, regular, arrant, definitely, infinite, haughty, ideal, unattackable, supreme, Midland, autonomous, thorough, hard and fast, unabridged, unambiguous, completely, inviolable, unadulterated, direct, irreproachable, simple, undiluted, damn, authoritarian, out-and-out, exacting, real life, realistic, tyrannical, fixed, right-down, damned, unalloyed, tyrannous, refined.

Examples of usage:

Her trust in Gustav was absolute, and her faith in his love unshakable. - "By Wit of Woman", Arthur W. Marchmont.

When he is at work absolute quiet must reign about him; he cannot bear noise of any kind. - "Methods of Authors", Hugo Erichsen.

At least youll not deny that the absolute command of the sea is essential to our security. - "Press Cuttings", George Bernard Shaw.

Similar words:

bar absolute, absolute frequency, absolute majority, absolute pitch, absolute scale, absolute viscosity, absolutely, not absolutely, abstruse.

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