Synonyms for Absolute:


absolute (adjective)
undeniable, definite, utter, consummate, supreme, sure, unmitigated, complete, conclusive, positive, categorical, unqualified, unconditional, unequivocal, perfect, unrestricted, certain, indubitable.
all-encompassing (adjective)
beyond doubt (adjective)
categorical (adjective)
unconditional, categorical, sure, certain, undeniable, outright, denominational, indubitable, unqualified, typical, definite, flat, unequivocal.
certain (adjective)
factual, clear, undoubted, veritable, sure, unmistakable, unequivocal, certain, Irrefragable, indubitable, unquestionable, unmitigated, convinced, confident, decisive, positive, incontestable, steadfast, patent, conclusive, unambiguous, assured, fixed, decided, incontrovertible, set, definite, trusting, categorical, irrefutable, undeniable, doubtless, indisputable.
commanding (adjective)
complete (adjective)
thoroughgoing, out-and-out.
entire (adjective)
excellent, perfect (adjective)
ideal, faultless, unflawed, unblemished, untarnished, flawless, impeccable.
flagrant (adjective)
inclusive (adjective)
in control or complete authority (adjective)
authoritarian, absolutist, tyrannous, totalitarian, monocratic, arbitrary, autonomous.
infinite (adjective)
perfect (adjective)
faultless, ideal, unmixed, unflawed, untarnished, perfect, unblemished.
positive (adjective)
constructive, affirmative, definite, positive, indisputable, beneficial, optimistic.
pure (adjective)
undiluted, unadulterated.
reliable (adjective)
true (adjective)
true, certain, honest, definite, right, factual, axiomatic, gospel, veracious, proven, authentic.
without limit (adjective)
full, complete, supreme, downright, unqualified, unlimited, utter, unadulterated, pure, entire, infinite, flat out, total, simple, unrestricted, free, consummate, unconditional, thorough, outright, sheer, unabridged.


simple, restricted, comprehensive, clean, free, limited, particular, unbounded, settled, completely, ideal, full, all-out, literally, fixed, wholehearted, unstinted, entire, perfectly, thoroughgoing, especially, unabridged, unrestrained, unconstrained, altogether, unlimited, hard-and-fast, blanket, thorough. nazi, governing, suppressive, collectivist, federal, absolutist, autarchic, fanatic, absolutistic, inquisitorial, autonomous, undemocratic, colonialist, official, democratic, governmental, bicameral, authoritarian, tyrannous, fascist, totalitarian, communistic, constitutional, oppressive. graduation, impeccable, factor, geocentric, metrication, gradation, calibration, Indefectible, faultless, imperial, good, unflawed, metric, flawless, measure. realistic, unadulterated, definitely, firm, objective, plain. the genuine article, the real thing, unreserved, the real McCoy, verisimilitude, actuality, the real world, real life, reality, substance. unhesitating, undoubting, unfaltering, big. flat out, unrelieved, arrant, blooming, crashing, damned. tyrannic, monocratic, autarchical, autocratical, over, politics. absolute (noun)
unconditional, out-and-out, downright, rank, unequivocal, unquestioning, living, inviolable, unambiguous, independent, dead, pure, right-down, sheer, unmixed, infinite, very, complete, undiluted, unconditioned, total, implicit, direct, univocal, conclusive, infrangible, syntactically independent, utter, arbitrary, unalienable, inalienable.
deity (noun)
salvation, almighty, Lamb of God, trinity, goddess, Jesu, providence, savior, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, messiah, maker, hero, redeemer, inspiration, godhead, idol, dieu, creator, judge, jesus, holy ghost, demigod, all-powerful, Son of Man, lord, Prince of Peace, deity, King of the Jews, jehovah, christ, muse, infinite, omnipotence, heroine, Son of God, omniscience, divinity.


commanding (verb)
complete (verb)
thorough, dead.

Other synonyms:

monocratic, crashing, gradation, governmental, completely, colonialist, tyrannic, perfectly, geocentric, factor, federal, arrant, autocratical, autarchical, absolutistic, metrication, autarchic, bicameral, absolutist, tyrannous, collectivist, calibration, unrelieved, measure, autonomous, Indefectible, altogether, unflawed, literally, imperial, undemocratic, especially, graduation, metric. unhesitating, thoroughgoing, unfaltering, particular, undoubting, simple, wholehearted, impeccable. full, unreserved, flat out, faultless. flawless, blooming. damned. all-inclusive
total, all-out.
Other relevant words:
thoroughgoing, unalienable, inviolable, undiluted, right-down, autarchic, infrangible, flat out, sheer, oppressive, undemocratic, firm, blooming, substance, metric, pure, graduation, inquisitorial, limited, out-and-out, comprehensive, full, politics, nazi, official, autonomous, geocentric, constitutional, monocratic, over, unfaltering, good, governmental, free, unconstrained, definitely, authoritarian, all-out, arbitrary, unbounded, fixed, unflawed, gradation, unhesitating, entire, unconditioned, unambiguous, unabridged, very, rank, totalitarian, altogether, calibration, total, tyrannic, governing, hard-and-fast, suppressive, measure, autocratical, colonialist, downright, communistic, actuality, unmixed, faultless, simple, plain, inalienable, literally, perfectly, federal, absolutist, unlimited, wholehearted, factor, reality, direct, fanatic, fascist, damned, undoubting, crashing, impeccable, verisimilitude, unblemished, settled, unstinted, living, arrant, independent, unrestrained, completely, autarchical, flawless, metrication, democratic, imperial, realistic, clean, unadulterated, implicit, ideal, Indefectible, unreserved, thorough, absolutistic, unrelieved, univocal, particular, unquestioning, big, restricted, objective, bicameral, collectivist, blanket, especially, untarnished, tyrannous.

Usage examples for absolute

  1. Her trust in Gustav was absolute and her faith in his love unshakable. – By Wit of Woman by Arthur W. Marchmont
  2. At least youll not deny that the absolute command of the sea is essential to our security. – Press Cuttings by George Bernard Shaw