Synonyms for Adherence:


give and take, cooperation, complaisance, legalism, connect. defense, moral support, support, Sympathies, championship, endorsement, backing, loyalty, advocacy. act (noun)
adhesion, attachment.
adherence (noun)
adhesiveness, adhesion, bond, attachment.
adhesion (noun)
agreement (noun)
cohesion (noun)
integration, coherence, Indivisibility, continuity, indissolubility, union, integrity, cohesiveness, unity, cohesion, solidarity, Inseparability.
compliance (noun)
conformity, acceptance, affirmation, conformance, fealty, obeisance, obedience, genuflection, deference, assent, submissiveness, willingness, meekness, consent, agreement, homage, submission, respect, surrender, acquiescence, servility, resignation, observance, capitulation, fulfillment, compliance, concurrence.
conformity (noun)
correctness, congruity, formality, propriety, manner, etiquette, accordance, convention, ritual, custom, consistency, tradition, regularity.
devotion (noun)
cohesion, attachment, obedience, loyalty.
junction (noun)
adjacency, synergy, meeting, amalgamation, jointure, alliance, abutment, affiliation, junction, bond, affixation, attachment, connection, coupling, consolidation, marriage, juncture, relationship, wedding, annexation, splice, juxtaposition, branch, conjunction, merger, connectedness.
support (noun)

Other synonyms:

cooperation, complaisance, give and take, legalism. allegiance
Other relevant words:
adhesiveness, complaisance, advocacy, Sympathies, cooperation, legalism, loyalty, connect, championship, defense, support, give and take, endorsement, backing, adhesion.

Usage examples for adherence

  1. How shall we ensure his adherence to the treaty? – Cedric, the Forester by Bernard Gay Marshall
  2. Yet to his great surprise, his troublesome symptoms were gradually augmented, notwithstanding his strenuous adherence to the practice. – An Essay on the Influence of Tobacco upon Life and Health by R. D. Mussey
  3. A rigid adherence to this policy has left this Government with scarcely a claim upon its justice for injuries arising from acts committed by its authority. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various