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land (adjective)

land, coastal, shore, ground, beach, mainland.

Other synonyms:

awake, reality, black hole, acres, lodge, solid ground, ball, primer coat, the Big Dipper, clod, demesne, place, reason, sand, undercoat, asteroid, den, dirt, background, human race, compost, earthly concern, res publica, antimatter, worldly concern, state, Homo sapiens, pile, constellation, terrain, fill, realm, quit dreaming, coil, country, dark matter, be sensible, circuit, flesh, farming, subsoil, dry land, conduit, grit, king's ransom, footing, surface, commonwealth, mint, priming, man, flat coat, circuitry, celestial object, burrow, cluster, alluvium, primer, dust, boodle, big bucks, sphere, rabbit warren, comet, culture, contact, calm down, Mother Earth, bundle, the earth, habitat, mold, macrocosm, priming coat, cathode, orb, loam, humans, world, body politic, muck, kingdom, bomb, the world, human beings, packet, nest, existence, the planet, mud, the globe, turf, mankind, humanity, landed estate, molehill, populace, clay, anode, humankind, estate, gravel, cosmic dust, wad, megabucks, deposit, circuit board, lair, circuit breaker, bedding, globe, diaphragm, ground, domain, nation, public, basis.

Examples of usage:

World Earth Day is observed all over the world on 22nd April.

" How on earth-" he began. - "'Firebrand' Trevison", Charles Alden Seltzer.

What on earth was the man doing? - "Love Me Little, Love Me Long", Charles Reade Edition: 10 Language: English.

Similar words:

rare earth, potter's earth, rare-earth element, sharp-eared, two-eared, quick-eared, one-eared, dog-eared, rabbit-eared bandicoot, mouse eared chickweed.

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