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tenuous - 86 results
wispy (adjective)

rare, fine, wispy, gossamer, ethereal, subtle.

Examples of usage:

Even by day, the stars glistened in the tenuous atmosphere. - "Duel on Syrtis", Poul William Anderson.

I've been in Boston the full week, skating around over the chilly crust of things and never able to get so much as one tenuous little social claw- hold. - "The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush", Francis Lynde.

She was far off and connected only by a tenuous thing which might any moment go into confusion and stop. - "The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story", Various.

Similar words:

tenuously, Juncus Tenuis, tenpins, tenfold, tenuity, tenured, tenacious, tenebrous, tendinous.

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