Synonyms for Sensitive:


allergic (adjective)
aware (adjective)
feeling, cognizant, aware, attentive, familiar with, sensory, Apprised, conscious, appreciative, responsive, astute, mindful, perceptive, sentient, observant.
critical (adjective)
discreet (adjective)
discerning, tactful, discreet, discriminating, judicious, thoughtful.
discriminating (adjective)
easily hurt (adjective)
sore, tender, painful.
emotional (adjective)
passionate, heart-felt, ardent, emotional, sympathetic, feverish, responsive, deeply felt.
excitable (adjective)
edgy, tempestuous, excitable, explosive, high-strung, hot-tempered, volcanic, fragile, rash, volatile, crusty, ardent, nervous, emotional, stormy, combustible, touchy, short-tempered, reckless, quick-tempered, fiery, cranky, irritable, brittle, impulsive, passionate.
impressionable (adjective)
emotional, sentient, feeling, high-strung, irritable, nervous, ticklish, impressible, receptive, tense, delicate, touchy, psychic, tricky, sensory, cognizant, susceptible, sensorial, responsive, reactive, hypersensitive, conscious, perceptive, acute, oversensitive, unstable.
irritable (adjective)
irritable, oversensitive, huffy.
penetrable (adjective)
responsive (adjective)
susceptible, reactive, receptive.
sensitive (adjective)
sappy, gooey, sloppy, romantic, poetic, starry-eyed, soft, lovesick, schmaltzy, sentimental, maudlin, mawkish, tender, mushy, fanciful, dewy-eyed.
sensorial (adjective)
susceptible (adjective)


caring, kind, generous, gentle, good, Warm-hearted. hard, demanding, complicated, challenging, be an effort, taxing, Susceptive, difficult, arduous, susceptible, awareness, impressible, punishing, tough, impressionable. body, sensuous, underground, sensorial, mysterious, sensational, clandestine, in strict confidence, secret, surreptitious, shadowy, secretive, confidential, sensual. acute, probing, weak, incisive, crumbly, friable, breakable, delicately balanced, flimsy, vulnerable, trenchant, frail, careful, penetrating. moody, hypersensitive, feelings, defensive, prim, squeamish, prudish. ability, hair-trigger, diplomatic, pavlovian, politic, the minute you do something. ticklish, tricky, easy, touch-and-go. sensitive (noun)
light-sensitive, excitable, oversensitive, erogenous, touchy, thin-skinned, tender, classified, painful, irritable, nociceptive, highly sensitive, reactive, radiosensitive, photosensitive, huffy, sore, sensible, alive, delicate.
sensory (noun)
impressionable, soulful, psychic, receptive, sensorial, susceptible.
touchy (noun)
unstable, tense.

Other synonyms:

prudish, probing, pavlovian, caring, sensorial, hair-trigger, squeamish. politic, unstable, sensational, prim, moody, sensuous, hypersensitive, touch-and-go, demanding, incisive. penetrating, trenchant, defensive, sensual. tricky. ticklish. discerning
Other relevant words:
nociceptive, gentle, penetrating, alive, susceptible, reactive, sensible, impressible, complicated, moody, tense, vulnerable, light-sensitive, unstable, photosensitive, careful, huffy, hair-trigger, sensual, psychic, highly sensitive, weak, painful, receptive, radiosensitive, classified, prim, tricky, acute, oversensitive, delicate, sensational, sensuous, impressionable, demanding, prudish, ticklish, probing, squeamish, hypersensitive, thin-skinned, soulful, generous, touch-and-go, Susceptive, sore, kind, erogenous, difficult, caring, trenchant, politic, sensorial, frail, diplomatic, incisive.

Usage examples for sensitive

  1. It was more, after all, like a reflection received on the sensitive plate of his heart. – Aurora the Magnificent by Gertrude Hall
  2. It is not sold in a sensitive condition. – Photogravure by Henry R. Blaney
  3. And I believe you only pretend to distress yourself, that you may test whether I am sensitive enough to show the reflection of it. – The Happy Foreigner by Enid Bagnold