Synonyms for Cantankerous:


aggressive (adjective)
combative, confrontational.
dangerous (adjective)
difficult (adjective)
fussy, toilsome, arduous, complex, cumbersome, difficult, oppressive, harsh, stressful, finicky, ticklish, adverse, burdensome, knotty, uphill, severe, strenuous, formidable, hard, grinding, tricky, rugged, tight, rough, laborious, demanding, thorny, contrary, trying, wearisome, complicated, bothersome, wearing, troublesome, wearying, tough, onerous.
difficult, crabby (adjective)
dour, crotchety, contrary, snappish, bad-tempered, crusty, morose, irritable, ornery, ill-natured, critical, quarrelsome, irascible, huffy, disagreeable, testy, sour, peevish, cross, petulant, prickly, obstinate, cranky, bearish, grumpy, grouchy.
ill-tempered (adjective)
irritable (adjective)
cranky, caustic, acrimonious, tart, acerbic, churlish, petty, peevish, prickly, irascible, bellicose, surly, irritable, huffy, crabbed, ill-tempered, touchy, snappish, bitter, sour, spiteful, petulant, bearish, acid, crusty, cross.
mean (adjective)
obstinate (adjective)
sullen (adjective)
grim, sulky, dissociable, beetle-browed, dejected, unfriendly, morose, moody, mean, crabby, surly, uncooperative, grouchy, contrary, grumpy, irascible, dour, malevolent, sour, frowning, dark, unsociable, gloomy, scowling, glowering, noncooperative, long-faced, cross, petulant, broody, ungenial, obstinate, fretful, sullen, melancholy, Moping, hostile, cynical, glum.


truculent, contrarian, argumentative, volatile, combative, confrontational, contentious. ill-tempered, bad-tempered, ugly, snappy, disagreeable, waspish, attitude, querulous, out of sorts, nasty, testy. cantankerous (noun)
crotchety, stubborn, ornery, bloody-minded, ill-natured.
peevish (noun)
critical, quarrelsome.

Other synonyms:

bad-tempered, truculent, confrontational, argumentative, combative. contrarian, waspish, querulous, contentious, ill-tempered. testy. disagreeable, volatile. snappy. nasty. bad-tempered
Other relevant words:
crotchety, waspish, quarrelsome, contrarian, disagreeable, bloody-minded, bad-tempered, nasty, ornery, testy, stubborn, querulous, combative, ill-tempered, volatile, ill-natured, ugly, critical, argumentative, contentious, truculent, snappy.

Usage examples for cantankerous

  1. If he finds that he will be relegated to some comparatively unimportant seat in the club which has claims of longest standing upon him, he may, if he is unpatriotic and cantankerous look out in some other club for a berth of greater distinction. – Boating by W. B. Woodgate Commentator: Harvey Mason