Synonyms for Generous:


beneficial (adjective)
benevolent (adjective)
bountiful, compassionate, kind, motherly, high-minded, philanthropic, unselfish, chivalrous, beneficent, charitable, altruistic, munificent, alms-giving, benevolent, neighborly, considerate, humane, noble, humanitarian.
friendly (adjective)
genuine, pleasant, warm, nice, amiable, good-natured, friendly, Warm-hearted, spontaneous, welcoming.
generous (adjective)
Kind-hearted, munificent, altruistic, greathearted, benevolent, good, magnanimous, hospitable, charitable, selfless, philanthropic, Warm-hearted, gracious, bountiful, unselfish, good-hearted.
giving, big-hearted (adjective)
considerate, unselfish, just, honorable, lofty, high-minded, acceptable, altruistic, good, greathearted, bounteous, kind, unstinting, magnanimous, hospitable, big, reasonable, lavish, beneficent, bountiful, prodigal, charitable, unsparing, philanthropic, liberal, fair, ungrudging, moderate, easy, benevolent, noble, munificent.
large (adjective)
sizable, voluminous, bulky, huge, grand, big, humongous, cavernous, impressive, capacious, grandiose, copious, extensive, enormous, lofty, large, roomy, baggy, gargantuan, prodigious, majestic, massive, magnificent, ample, colossal, soaring, immense, towering, comprehensive, awesome, great, princely, tremendous, elephantine, gigantic, expansive, spacious, vast, giant, mammoth.
loving (adjective)
noble (adjective)
philanthropic (adjective)
humanitarian, altruistic, humane, philanthropic, benevolent, munificent.
plentiful (adjective)
handsome, large, ample, overflowing, abundant, rich, plenteous, copious.
talkative (adjective)


considerable, high, widely. gift, settlement, give, largesse, present, red packet, care package, benefaction, freebie, valentine, surprise. Great-hearted, Large-hearted, big-hearted. heavy, abundant, rich, plentiful, plenteous, substantial, plenitudinous. abundant (noun)
overflowing, plentiful.
generous (noun)
bighearted, large, ungrudging, giving, munificent, freehearted, overgenerous, bounteous, kind, lavish, unselfish, big, handsome, unstinted, magnanimous, benevolent, openhanded, ample, too-generous, liberal, unstinting, freehanded, bountiful, prodigal, unsparing.
noble (noun)
bighearted, magnanimous.

Other synonyms:

Large-hearted, fair, Great-hearted, plenitudinous, reasonable, big-hearted. abundant. substantial. heavy. bighearted

Usage examples for generous

  1. It was noble, it was generous worthy of her! – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. That will be very generous of you, Mr. Jenkins. – The Desert Fiddler by William H. Hamby
  3. You will probably find that the enemy has been generous in spite of himself and left you some- all that couldn't be taken away. – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson