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blind - 282 results
decoy (noun)

catch, mirage, bait, decoy, trap, trick, deception, lure.

screen (noun)

cover, screen, hideout.

blind (verb)


shade (verb)

screen, cover, obscure, veil, curtain, shade, hide.

concealed (adjective)

obscured, hidden, secluded, out of sight.

Other synonyms:

impetuous, stinking, visually challenged, dull, darken, perceptive, sightless, observant, heedless, ring, accidental, bleary, finesse, cheat, bitter, covert, imperceptible, colour-blind, ataxia, boozy, near-blind, fraud, dim-sighted, wound, uncomprehending, lost, stoned, casual, seeing, craft, unseeing, disablement, sloshed, soused, projection screen, deceive, impaired, unperceptive, blue-blind, rash, subterfuge, jalousie, filmdom, besotted, blotto, blindly, snow-blind, grip, machination, unaware, chance, potted, birding, decide, gassed, disabled, dumb, accessible, roller blind, protanopic, blindfolded, eyeless, uninformed, deep, cloud, unacquainted, unconscious, unsuspecting, unperceiving, crapulous, hammered, cunning, pie-eyed, purblind, color-blind, ruse, basic, canned, the blind, high, guile, contrivance, maneuver, hidden, acutely, daze, illiterate, lit, visually impaired, screen door, tiddly, dazzle, obtuse, juiced, cut, deuteranopic, screenland, stinko, sottish, drapes, plastered, full-length, dazzled, bombed, challenged, farsighted, fried, handicap, give, feeble, drunken, stone-blind, sighted, ripped, tipsy, careless, concealment, green-blind, unknowing, tight, blasted, pickled, strain, ill-defined, sozzled, skew, device, burning, smashed, pixilated, screen, red-blind, art, blindfold, sieve, dodge, intoxicated, ignorant, subtle, wet, tanked, Drugs, blinded, wiped out, disable, dip, ornithology, oiled, cockeyed, unplanned, squiffed, loaded, developmental disability, bedazzle, blurred, oblivious, unthinking, curtain rod, depth, tritanopic, inconspicuous, ornithologist, lead to, wasted, eagle-eyed, twitcher, bruise, pack a punch, looped, inebriate, crapulent, invisible, lace curtain, sodden, visionless, unsighted, affective, concealed, hazy, fuzzy, stir, slur, boozed, disability, imposture, show, faint, indistinct, unfamiliar, drunk, blitzed, stratagem, silver screen, artifice, stewed, influence, unreasoning, lit up, break, stiff, see, delude, crocked, deep-seated, wile, hawk-eyed, bird watching, invention, mislead, irrational, burn, ill-informed, zonked, sand-blind, injure, inebriated, blur, obstruct, harm, dim, color, snow-blinded.

Examples of usage:

How could I be so blind? - "Lucretia, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

That was only a blind, however. - "Set in Silver", Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson.

Obviously as a blind. - "Simon", J. Storer Clouston.

Similar words:

snow-blind, sand-blind, stone-blind, red-blind, near-blind, double-blind procedure, double-blind experiment, Strawberry Blite, snow-blinded, safety blitz.

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