Synonyms for Lit:


illuminated (adjective)
afire, burning, lighted, resplendent, bright.
plastered (adjective)
tipsy (adjective)


carving, belles lettres, ceramics, collage, art, arts and crafts, brass rubbing, coloring, art form, batik. sodden, potted, crapulous, inebriated, Drugs, boozy, inebriate, besotted, blind, cockeyed, smashed, crocked, tipsy, zonked, stoned, sloshed, stewed, tight, crapulent, stinko, stinking, loaded, intoxicated, pixilated, plastered, high, pickled, Boozed, bombed, soused, looped. hopped-up, doped, wiped out, turned on, drugged, spaced-out. illuminated (noun)
bright, resplendent.
lit (noun)
alight, aflare, aflame, on fire, enkindled, ignited, illuminated, flaming, lighted, well-lighted, burning, ablaze, afire, kindled, light, blazing.


ignited (verb)
ignited, kindled, burned, inflamed.
lit (verb)
Beamed, Glowed, Radiated, Scintillated, illuminated, spotted, Glinted, flooded, incandesced, Gleamed, flared, fired, Shone, fluoresced, Sparkled, Blazed, Flashed, Glittered.

Other synonyms:

potted, zonked. stinking, turned on, stoned. cockeyed, sodden. loaded. blind. high. tight. on fire
burning, on fire.
Other relevant words:
crapulent, sloshed, boozy, inebriate, light, looped, aflare, zonked, potted, inebriated, enkindled, well-lighted, lighted, cockeyed, hopped-up, bombed, sodden, spaced-out, turned on, flaming, alight, wiped out, soused, afire, aflame, plastered, tipsy, drugged, pixilated, stinko, smashed, blind, high, resplendent, stoned, blazing, tight, burning, intoxicated, doped, besotted, crapulous, stinking, Boozed, loaded, ablaze, stewed, crocked, pickled, bright, on fire.

Usage examples for lit

  1. Tobin gave the card one glance, then his face lit up and his hand went out. – Ashton-Kirk, Investigator by John T. McIntyre
  2. He intended to keep a fire burning all night; and as the darkness began to settle down he lit it. – Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland by Olive Schreiner
  3. Burnaby paused again and reached over for a cigarette and lit it deliberately. – The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story by Various