Synonyms for Magnet:


brass, chrome, chromium, bronze, aluminium, aluminum, bauxite, cadmium, barium, Cast iron. favourite, fashion statement, fashion, boom, HIT, fascination, winner, popularity, hot spot. focus (noun)
funnel, meat, intersection, kernel, nucleus, lodestar, forum, essence, bottleneck, plenum, hub, gathering, rendezvous, center, epitome, crossing, polestar, asymptote, focus, axle, crux, heart, spirit, core, rally, soul, lure, marrow.
lodestone (noun)
magnetic iron-ore, bar magnet, magnetite, horseshoe magnet, electromagnet.

Other synonyms:

fashion statement, popularity. fashion. fascination. hot spot. boom. HIT. Other relevant words:
fascination, bar magnet, popularity, magnetite, horseshoe magnet, fashion, electromagnet.

Usage examples for magnet

  1. Each gravitor is set to attract a particular metal, somewhat the way a magnet attracts iron, again loosely comparing. – Jack of No Trades by Charles Cottrell
  2. A strong personality will influence a weaker personality just as a magnet attracts. – The Colored Girl Beautiful by E. Azalia Hackley