Synonyms for Parts:


allotments (noun)
Budgets, commissions, rations, segments, allocations, dispensations, allotments, Quanta, proportions, chunks, divisions, pieces, shares, percentages, stipends, Measures, parcels, allowances, stakes, quotas, assignments, portions, lots.
components (noun)
media, sections, factors, features, matters, filaments, elements, items, articles, constituents, materials, ingredients, components.
disjunctions (noun)
Dissections, incisions, disunities, bisections, detachments, fissures, rents, Separations, Amputations, cleavages.
fractions (noun)
thirds, denominators, quarters, numerators.
portions (noun)
helpings, dividends, subdivisions, sectors, interests, bits, fractions, zones, stocks, compartments, members.


departs (verb)
Leaves, goes, decamps, departs, exits, flees, withdraws, abandons, quits, embarks.
dies (verb)
passes on, expires, perishes, Dies, succumbs, ends, passes away, ceases, falls, deceases, passes.
dissociates (verb)
fragments, disjoins, Ruptures, uncouples, rends, severs, disengages, disassociates, partitions, dissociates, cleaves, detaches, sunders, Divorces, excises, divides, dismantles, Halves, splits, segregates, breaks, disunites, alienates, separates, insulates, disconnects.
halves (verb)
Branches, bifurcates, forks, tears, slits.
separates (verb)
unglues, bisects, unhinges, amputates, removes, Axes, disintegrates, disaffiliates, cuts, disassembles, unfixes, dissects, incises, disarticulates, slices, pares, estranges, rips.

Usage examples for parts

  1. Well, then, I have another proposition to make, in two parts – Three Comedies by Björnstjerne M. Björnson Commentator: R. Farquharson Sharp
  2. Bunny and Sue did their parts well, and so did the other children. – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue Giving a Show by Laura Lee Hope