Synonyms for Meat:


element, duck, burning issue/question, rabbit, feature, concern, basis, staple, key, priority, goose. confectionery, comestible, victual, eats, nurture, aliment, nourishment, provender, chow, pap, edible, provision, baby food, Esculent, aphrodisiac, convenience food, diet, dairy, base, comfort food, creole, carbohydrate, pabulum, nutrition. crabmeat, Gravamen, root, dark meat, horseflesh, stuff, quintessence, crab, be. core, gist (noun)
kernel, marrow, nucleus, heart, pith, substance, nub, essence.
fastener (noun)
flesh of animal consumed as food (noun)
nourishment, fare, eats, food, grub, aliment, edible, comestible, sustenance, foodstuff, victual, provision, nutriment, chow.
focus (noun)
essence, asymptote, core, soul, funnel, magnet, epitome, lure, intersection, axle, polestar, center, plenum, crossing, kernel, rally, marrow, hub, crux, focus, spirit, gathering, nucleus, lodestar, bottleneck, forum, heart, rendezvous.
food (noun)
pap, food, victual.
meal (noun)
lunch, morsel, taste, food, drink, barbecue, spread, board, foodstuff, sustenance, ingestion, picnic, nutriment, fare, banquet, bread, cuisine, dinner, consumption, eating, meal, repast, snack, breakfast, feed, grub, feast.
meat (noun)
ham, roast beef, ham hock, cutlet, lamb, heart and soul, porterhouse steak, frankfurter, chicken, pork chop, chop, flank, hamburger, lamb-chop, venison, pith, bacon, brisket, kernel, inwardness, nitty-gritty, sum, spareribs, nub, beef, tripe, center, poultry, heart, pork, marrow, sirloin, kidney, roast, liver, Meat Loaf, tenderloin, loin chop, hot dog, rump roast, minute steak, sausage, gist, wiener, ribs, sirloin steak, ground beef, Canadian Bacon, pot roast, mutton, substance, flesh, core, smoked sausage, fillet, essence, meat pie, turkey, T-bone Steak, filet mignon, veal.
pap (noun)
substance (noun)

Other synonyms:

chow, provender, pap, Gravamen, aliment, victual. eats, stuff, quintessence, nutrition, nurture, pabulum, nourishment. diet. root. provision. Other relevant words:
gist, quintessence, horseflesh, edible, pap, comestible, import, nub, root, Esculent, stuff, victual, inwardness, provender, substance, nitty-gritty, basis, aliment, provision, Gravamen, sum, nourishment, chow, heart and soul, diet, pabulum, eats, concern, nurture, pith, nutrition.

Usage examples for meat

  1. He likes meat when he can get it." – The-Burgess-Animal-Book-for-Children by Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)
  2. Ye woman gives them meat and drink and they give ye woman hope: it is ye bargain: let each be content with what each gets. – The Mettle of the Pasture by James Lane Allen
  3. Now, my coming might enable them to get some one who knows the use of meat and fires, and would send upstairs the only woman who would undertake such a charge as that must be. – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge