Synonyms for Soul:


apparition, ardent, emotional, ghost, haunt, histrionic, hysterical, impassioned, intense, passionate, phantom, shade, shadow, soulful, specter, spook, tempestuous, torrid, umbra, vision, wraith, Phantasm. absolution, angel, angelic, archangel, article of faith, blaspheme, blasphemous, blasphemy, bless, blessing, cause, ego, force, genius, individuality, life, personality, principle, substance. affection, ambient, art, backing, backup, bebop, bluegrass, blues, courage, culture, duty, heroism, honor, idealism, love, philosophy, poetry, reverence, acid house, acid jazz, background music, bhangra. aesthetic, being, cherub, commission, composition, draftsmanship, effect, flavor, format, homage, human being, legend, man, woman. body, breath, emotion, frame of mind, life force, mood, passion, sensation, temper, undercurrent, vital force, vitality, divine spark, your inner self. aspect, be, component, facet, factor, feature, peculiarity, property, quality. creature, folk, humanity, party, people, personage, society, the many, your fellow man/men. gist, nub, pith, quintessence, root, stuff, Gravamen. bosom, feelings. being (noun)
body (noun)
being, party.
bosom (noun)
center, feelings.
bottom (noun)
breast (noun)
core, psyche.
focus (noun)
asymptote, axle, bottleneck, center, core, crossing, crux, epitome, essence, focus, forum, funnel, gathering, heart, hub, intersection, kernel, lodestar, lure, magnet, marrow, meat, nucleus, plenum, polestar, rally, rendezvous, spirit.
ghost (noun)
human being (noun)
body, mortal, person.
music (noun)
person (noun)
soul (noun)
body, bosom, cause, courage, creature, ego, essence, force, genius, ghost, heart, human, human being, individual, individuality, life, man, marrow, mortal, person, personage, personality, phantom, pith, principle, psyche, quintessence, shadow, somebody, someone, soulfulness, spirit, stuff, substance, umbra, vital force, vitality, woman.
state of mind (noun)
mood, temper.
vital force (noun)
life force.

Other synonyms:

life force, vital force, Gravamen, divine spark. ghost, gist, human being, pith, quintessence, stuff, vitality. breath, creature, nub. bosom, man, personage, root, substance. life. party. apparition
Other relevant words:
bosom, creature, genius, ghost, gist, human, individual, life, man, mortal, nub, person, pith, psyche, quintessence, somebody, someone.

Usage examples for soul

  1. But he is a good soul was Mrs. Sherrard's answer. – Throckmorton by Molly Elliot Seawell
  2. She would give all, even her own soul if he would take it. – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  3. In his soul he is rather glad. – Doctor Cupid by Rhoda Broughton