Synonyms for Essence:


material (adjective)


curare, belladonna, structure, characteristic, being, fundamentals, binder, nature, cellulose, root, grain, life, chlorophyll, quintessence, germ, filler, bottom, balsam, reality, backbone, caliber, character, alkaloid, constitution, vein, agar, essential oil, basis, principle, base. ammonia, juice, burning issue/question, feature, drug, alcohol, liquor, elixir, extract, concentrate, staple, key, potion, concern, priority, element, tincture. texture, surface, essentiality. Gravamen, stuff, be. cognition (noun)
sum, pith, heart and soul, meat, gist, core, inwardness, kernel, nub, substance, heart, nitty-gritty, center, marrow.
distillate, concentrate (noun)
liquor, potion, perfume, tincture, juice, drug, scent, fragrance, elixir, extract.
essence (noun)
center, marrow, sum, kernel, gist, burden, nitty-gritty, heart and soul, inwardness, core, pith, meat, nub, effect, perfume, heart, substance.
focus (noun)
kernel, asymptote, gathering, rendezvous, center, axle, lodestar, magnet, funnel, focus, core, heart, plenum, bottleneck, forum, hub, lure, epitome, soul, crossing, polestar, spirit, crux, nucleus, marrow, intersection, meat, rally.
fragrance (noun)
incense, perfume, musk, scent, fragrance, aroma, redolence, cachet, bouquet, breath.
fundamentally (noun)
essentially, basically, at bottom.
heart, significance (noun)
base, fundamentals, constitution, backbone, root, nub, marrow, nucleus, being, nitty-gritty, principle, substance, caliber, structure, reality, burden, soul, core, essentiality, vein, stuff, bottom, crux, germ, life, quintessence, grain, nature, element, character, kernel, basis, spirit, pith, meat.
in essence (noun)
essentially, basically.
texture (noun)

Other synonyms:

chlorophyll, curare, agar, belladonna, cellulose, fundamentals, essentiality, Gravamen, basis, balsam, essential oil. nature, priority, alkaloid, being. staple, texture, element, key. root. concern. core
make up
Other relevant words:
fundamentals, chlorophyll, priority, burden, root, characteristic, at bottom, alkaloid, nature, gist, cellulose, stuff, effluvium, backbone, concern, ammonia, binder, alcohol, effect, reality, sum, nub, vein, juice, structure, filler, extract, quintessence, nitty-gritty, essential oil, life, essentially, texture, tincture, agar, basis, drug, pith, balsam, heart and soul, feature, belladonna, basically, essentiality, principle, be, potion, element, key, caliber, elixir, Gravamen, substance, staple, liquor, germ, being, constitution, surface, concentrate, grain, base, character, bottom, inwardness, curare.

Usage examples for essence

  1. God is, we are told, one in essence and in person; and in Him is the Divine Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. – The Religious Life of London by J. Ewing Ritchie
  2. The essence of a genius is that almost any one of a dozen passions can be made the motive power of his learning. – The Lost Art of Reading by Gerald Stanley Lee
  3. Is it not of the essence of love to be blind? – Father Payne by Arthur Christopher Benson