Synonyms for Compound:


combined (adjective)
amalgamated, blended, assembled, Conglomerated, alloyed, Concocted, combined, miscellaneous, Brewed, composite, incorporated, mixed, Infused.
mixed (adjective)
miscellaneous, composite, Melded, alloyed, Infused, merged, combined, emulsion, Brewed, Mingled, hybrid, amalgamated, mongrel, Mashed, stewed, blended, Conglomerated, mixed, Concocted.


alkali, agrochemical, element, acid, base, catalyst, carboniferous, chemical, chloride. combo, jumble, join. affix, add to, complicate, appropriacy, apposition, derivation, increase, componential analysis, anaphora, canonical form, derivative. conjoin, aggravate, make matters/things worse, wed, add fuel to the fire/flames, marry, yoke, unify, do more harm than good, worsen, connect, inflame, link, consolidate, couple, concrete, exacerbate. double, two-ply, trilateral, quadripartite, triple, cellular, dual. stir in, intermingle, mingle, mix up, dissolve. hunger strike, leg irons, conjugal visit, chain, irons, manacle, lights-out, shackle, fetters. declarative, Frequentative, grammatical, feminine, inflected, conditional, deictic. alloy (noun)
combination (noun)
amalgam, ensemble, assembly, conglomeration, blend, commixture, conglomerate, mixture, paste, admixture, medley, combination, alloy, composite, amalgamation, incorporation, mix, brew, concoction, infusion, hodgepodge, fusion, composition.
combination, mixture (noun)
alloy, amalgamation, amalgam, medley, admixture, fusion, blend, commixture, composition, stew, combo, composite, conglomerate.
compound (noun)
intensify, lobate, paripinnate, trilobated, palm-shaped, bilobate, pinnatifid, trifoliate, trilobed, parted, palmatifid, trilobate, pinnated, even-pinnate, chemical compound, decompound, combine, palmate, ternate, abruptly-pinnate, bilobated, heighten, quinquefoliate, trifoliated, bilobed, conjugate, pinnatisect, colonial, incised, trifoliolate, pedate, tripinnatifid, tripinnated, pinnate, lobed, imparipinnate, bipinnate, cleft, bipinnatifid, deepen, dissected, bipartite, tripinnate, binate, odd-pinnate.
mixture (noun)
meld, Interfusion, amalgamate, elixir, merger, hybrid, emulsion, stew, blending, intermixture, mash, potpourri, decoction, mongrel.
preparation (noun)


change (verb)
deepen, intensify, heighten.
combine (verb)
combine, infuse, fuse, concoct, incorporate, assemble, compose.
make difficult; complicate (verb)
add to, heighten, intensify, worsen, exacerbate, aggravate.
mix, combine (verb)
concoct, meld, join, fuse, amalgamate, intermingle, couple, connect, link, mingle.

Other synonyms:

anaphora, alkali, incur, element, chloride, jumble, exacerbate, declarative, leg irons, liquidate, conjoin, chemical, componential analysis, hunger strike, agrochemical, catalyst, Frequentative, appropriacy, aggravate, carboniferous, feminine, grammatical, amortize, worsen, canonical form, apposition, liquidation, deictic, derivative, conjugal visit, combo. conditional, affix, derivation, manacle, default, forgive, inflected, fetters, consolidate, unify, inflame. acid, wed, connect. base, discharge, marry, shackle. yoke, join. chain. combine
conjugate, conjoin.

Usage examples for compound

  1. She had for California that curious compound of hatred and adoration which it inspires in all highly strung people who know it well. – A Daughter of the Vine by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  2. " He wanted to get a particular compound having definite qualities, and I had tried in all sorts of ways to produce it but with only partial success. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  3. A new chemical compound – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller