Synonyms for Evidence:


check, APB, all-points bulletin, clue, checkpoint, clean up, beat, Amber alert, agent provocateur, clampdown. pointer, smoking gun, true, suggestion, testimonial, warrant, testament, verification, the color of someone's money. index, case, note, token, witness, continuance, sign, habeas corpus, signification, badge, defense, examination, closing argument, indicator, mark, stamp. biblical revelation (noun)
coming, gospel, manifestation, apocalypse, apotheosis, apparition, appearance, revelation, vision, disclosure, oracle, epiphany, emergence, Revealment, inspiration, materialization, issuance, prophecy, discovery.
clarity (noun)
perceptibility, distinctness, plainness.
cognition (noun)
confirmation (noun)
authentication, verification.
demonstration (noun)
expose, show.
evidence (noun)
declaration, counter-evidence, witness, gospel, deposition, connotation, observation, symptom, sign, information, clue, substantiation, certification, attest, manifestation, token, indication, establishment, authentication, grounds, demonstration, confirmation, specimen, smoking gun, quotation, certify, documentation, tell, corroboration, testimonial, index, attestation, determination, support, testament, fact, manifest, testimony, validation, exhibit, demonstrate, mark, statement, data, illustration, exemplification.
experience (noun)
indication (noun)
in evidence (noun)
manifest, display, attest, exhibit, demonstrate, show, witness.
information (noun)
details, advice, intelligence, information, facts, data, knowledge, news.
manifestation (noun)
exposure, expression, demonstration, presentation, unfolding, incarnation, showing, proof, embodiment, exhibition, display, symptom, staging.
record (noun)
testament (noun)
testimony (noun)
mark, ammunition, sign, grounds for belief.
visibility (noun)
distinctness, apparentness, plainness, perceptibility, observability, clearness, visibility, discernibility.


cite (verb)
communication (verb)
evidence (verb)
expose, display, attest, exhibit, demonstrate, manifest, show.

Other synonyms:

ammunition, closing argument, habeas corpus, suggestion, smoking gun, continuance. examination, verification, pointer, testimonial, token, indicator. case, witness, sign, signification, warrant, index. badge. defense. note. mark. covenant

Usage examples for evidence

  1. The boys were not in evidence – The Last of the Plainsmen by Zane Grey
  2. That these were still upon the plain they had evidence – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid