Synonyms for Conspicuous:


exceptional (adjective)
flagrant (adjective)
important, prominent (adjective)
remarkable, celebrated, arresting, distinguished, striking, rank, eminent, renowned, well-known, marked, pointed, outstanding, Famed, notorious, famous, glaring, noted, signal, notable, illustrious, flagrant, blatant, salient, commanding, influential.
noticeable (adjective)
eye-catching, arresting.
ostentatious (adjective)
exhibitionistic, ostentatious.
pretentious (adjective)


sticking out like a sore thumb, unadulterated, couldn't be better/worse/nicer etc., pointed, not...anything better/worse, pronounced, like nothing on earth, ultimate, with/without distinction, unbelievable, of your life. conspicuous (noun)
in evidence, rank, gross, exhibitionistic, exhibitionist, visible, open, blazing, flagrant, big, eye-catching, obvious, ostentatious, noticeable, featured, salient, striking, pretentious, egregious, crying, spectacular, large, glaring, blatant, prominent, bold, marked, unconcealed, attention-getting, flaunty, obtrusive, outstanding.

Other synonyms:

distinguished, arresting, important, unbelievable. pronounced. open. ultimate. pointed. renowned

Usage examples for conspicuous

  1. The egoistic " I" was conspicuous by its absence. – A Woman Named Smith by Marie Conway Oemler
  2. The latter, though a conspicuous feature of Buddhism in all lands, is almost unknown to Hinduism. – Hinduism and Buddhism, Vol I. (of 3) An Historical Sketch by Charles Eliot