Synonyms for Announcement:


apology, allegation, briefing, notification, assurance, attestation, narration, secret, accusation, exposition, prediction, ban, apologia, affirmation, avowal. cheesecake, decision, advice, centerfold, detail, white paper, byline, tidings, item, advice column, edict, cartoon, dictum, banner headline, article, artwork, survey, classified ad. prospectus, flier, calling card, telegram, letterhead, placard, wire, notepaper, Notelet, aerogram, notecard, brochure, card, pamphlet, poster, greeting card, picture postcard, letter, leaflet, cable. knowledge. manifesto, pronouncement. announcement (noun)
declaration, annunciation, proclamation.
communication (noun)
declaration, annunciation, proclamation.
disclosure (noun)
declaration, broadcasting, revelation, dissemination, confession, disclosure, Divulging, exhibition, testimony, advertisement, expression, assertion, proclamation.
information (noun)
instructions (noun)
manifesto (noun)
news (noun)
epistle, communication, news, report, flash, gossip, release, statement, account, notice, rumor, message, dispatch, bulletin, information.
publication (noun)
promulgation, handbill, commercial, propaganda, newsletter, post, publication, newspaper, review, brief, newsmagazine, broadcast, gazette, organ, promotion, herald, periodical, journalism, journal, circular.
report (noun)
verbalization (noun)

Other synonyms:

avowal, picture postcard, apology, calling card, notecard, notepaper, item, allegation, aerogram, banner headline, byline, letterhead, centerfold, apologia, advice column, prediction, cheesecake, greeting card, assurance, Notelet, accusation, attestation. article, affirmation, cartoon. flier. edict. card. booklet
hand out
dictum, manifesto.
Other relevant words:
brochure, notification, accusation, knowledge, affirmation, apology, poster, cheesecake, byline, item, leaflet, briefing, allegation, prediction, dictum, assurance, Notelet, prospectus, edict, card, letterhead, cartoon, pronouncement, advice, pamphlet, placard, flier, attestation, notecard, article, white paper, avowal, annunciation, manifesto, notepaper.

Usage examples for announcement

  1. Dorothy looked startled at the announcement for a moment. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  2. " Helen put the rest of it out of my head," he said, and his manner of speaking had lost the enjoyment of his earlier announcement – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  3. A certain degree of ceremony settled upon them with the announcement of dinner. – The Awakening and Selected Short Stories by Kate Chopin