Synonyms for Explanation:


elaboration, showing, recital, theory, explication, talking, specification, narration, instruction, principle, telling, demonstration, writing, clarification, confession, outline, display. summary, exegesis, proof, gloss, anecdote, statement, annotation, breakdown, solution, tale, information, evidence, example, rationalization, reason, glossary, key, footnote, rationale, narrative, criticism, brief, alibi, note, apology, illustration. illumination, construction, explain, enucleation. account (noun)
annotation (noun)
answer (noun)
counter-accusation, counter-reply, response, excuse, counterclaim, comeback, retort, reply, countercharge, replication, return, rebuttal, echo, riposte, acknowledgment, surrebuttal, answer, counter-statement, rejoinder.
clarification; reason (noun)
telling, description, comment, definition, summary, interpretation, account, specification, demonstration, note, talking, display, meaning, commentary, statement, answer, recital, justification, rendition, excuse, narration, brief, significance, explication, breakdown, information, annotation, tale, evidence, elucidation, writing, example, showing, illustration, gloss, confession.
communication (noun)
explanation (noun)
interpretation (noun)
decipherment, rephrasing, rendition, version, decoding, transcription, restatement, exegesis, elucidation, interpretation, translation, commentary, Paraphrasing, analysis, comment, facsimile, condensation.
meaning (noun)
topic, indication, drift, gist, meaning, intent, implication, tenor, upshot, significance, description, relevance, thrust, point, purpose, pith, definition, subject, denotation, crux, connotation, message.
plea (noun)
entreaty, petition, suit, appeal, plea.
response (noun)
denial, justification, refutation, objection, defense, reaction.

Other synonyms:

annotation, enucleation, rationalization, alibi, instruction. principle, demonstration, theory. rationale, construction, illustration, illumination. outline. gloss. reason. clarification
Other relevant words:
information, enucleation, evidence, display, narrative, demonstration, key, reason, specification, breakdown, criticism, elaboration, exegesis, principle, illumination, gloss, rationalization, annotation, alibi, footnote, account, construction, tale, theory, statement, talking, rationale, proof, explication, showing, summary, explain, solution, brief, confession, telling, note, illustration, example, recital, clarification, writing, apology, narration.

Usage examples for explanation

  1. But it was the only explanation – Police Your Planet by Lester del Rey
  2. " The explanation yes- but not you," she answered, smiling. – The Ancient Law by Ellen Glasgow
  3. Yet, there had to be some explanation – The Year When Stardust Fell by Raymond F. Jones