Synonyms for Contention:


misunderstanding, a war of words. declaration, charge, substance, plea, demurrer, stand, starting point, explanation, point of order, advancement, deposition, side issue, allegation, fight, item, focus, profession, ground, sticking point, claim, asseveration, avowal, sidelight. difficulty, run-in, tangle, word, spat, polemic, rhubarb, bicker, wrangle, tiff. war, variance, dissentience, schism, faction, Inharmony. argument for idea (noun)
charge, avowal, stand, ground, claim, plea, position, declaration, hypothesis, advancement, contestation, thesis, allegation, demurrer, explanation, deposition, idea, discussion, profession, belief, assertion, asseveration, opinion.
competition (noun)
discord, variance, dissidence, war, dissent, hostility, dispute, run-in, rivalry, argument, struggle, fight, conflict, battle, dissension, quarrel, wrangle, disaccord, difference, controversy, disunity, squabble, altercation, enmity, hassle, strife.
conflict (noun)
difference, raucousness, riot, Discordancy, clash, dissidence, strife, squabble, hassle, harshness, row, feud, dissension, commotion, clamor, disagreement, squall, brawl, cacophony, hubbub, dissonance, imbroglio, disharmony, warfare, collision, discord, altercation.
contention (noun)
contestation, controversy, competition, quarrel, resistance, confrontation, disputation, argument, struggle, encounter, arguing, protest, dispute, tilt, rivalry.
difference (noun)
difference of opinion (noun)
disagreement (noun)
defiance, disaccord, challenge, complaint, repudiation, rejection, nonagreement, divisiveness.
discordance (noun)
dissent, disunity.
dissertation (noun)
conjecture, postulation, essay, assertion, argument, hypothesis, critique, position, research, article, criticism, examination, dissertation, analysis, opinion, discussion, thesis, commentary, interpolation, premise.
enmity (noun)
coolness, discordance, wrath, Adverseness, quarrelsomeness, friction, Inimicality, polarity, contrariety, enmity, inharmoniousness, alienation, malevolence, tension, hard feelings, opposition, conflict, rancor, Averseness, antagonism, combativeness, antipathy, malice, spitefulness, bad blood, dislike, unfriendliness, loathing, hatred, animosity, coldness, bitterness, surliness, incompatibility, resentment, hostility.
opposition (noun)
resistance (noun)


conflict (verb)
battle, fight.

Other synonyms:

point of order, rhubarb, declaration, fight, Inharmony, run-in, side issue, dissentience. polemic, battle, sidelight, tiff. spat, schism, substance, variance. item, faction, war, wrangle. difficulty. focus. word. assertion
Other relevant words:
demurrer, deposition, explanation, plea, variance, tangle, spat, tiff, arguing, polemic, profession, disputation, advancement, fight, contestation, focus, competition, tilt, battle, war, schism, rhubarb, item, difficulty, ground, Inharmony, charge, claim, faction, asseveration, avowal, substance, rivalry, declaration, dissentience, bicker, misunderstanding, stand, sidelight, run-in, allegation, word, wrangle.

Usage examples for contention

  1. Never was there a fairer strife of swords, never a more courteous contention of valiant men. – Arthurian Chronicles: Roman de Brut by Wace
  2. In so doing, I am certain I risk no use of the communication which may draw me into contention before the public. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson