Synonyms for Hindering:


all (adjective)
obstructive, Clogging, impeding.
hindering (adjective)
Clogging, Complicating, Delaying, constipating, Resisting, frustrating, Snagging, Entangling, blocking, Encumbering, Tangling, inhibiting, Cramping, bottleneck, Fouling, Crimping, Handicapping, Damming, crippling, Snarling, congesting, impeding, burdensome, Obstructing, restricting, constraining, Detaining, baffling, choking, Entrapping, Deterring, Restraining, thwarting.
oppositional (adjective)
conflicting, confrontational, challenging, Counteracting, Disputing, protesting, crossing, oppositional, Rebuffing, repelling, Objecting, inhibiting, repressing, obstructive, interfering, antagonizing, Resisting, impeding, defiant, Suppressing, counterattacking, contradictory, Repulsing.


hindering (noun)
obstructive, preventative, preventive, Clogging, impeding.


de-motivating (verb)
discouraging, stifling, depressing, disheartening, daunting, dampening, Dissuading, de-motivating, Disinclining, throttling.
disabling (verb)
enfeebling, Neutralizing, Hampering, invalidating, deadening, Scotching, Vitiating, stunning, crippling, Impairing, weakening, Prostrating, anesthetizing, disarming, Laming, undermining, screwing up, Sapping, Cramping, Handicapping, Hobbling, Dulling, Botching, disabling, Benumbing, incapacitating, Abrogating, stupefying, Paralyzing, Hamstringing, tampering.
hindering (verb)
barring, bottlenecking, jamming, curbing, catching, Burdening, dragging, Interrupting, Plugging, braking, Bunging, stopping, Miring, fettering, Staying.
opposing (verb)
protesting, interfering, impeding, Objecting, Defying, Repulsing, Intercepting, repressing, conflicting, antagonizing, Disputing, Rebuffing, Suppressing, fighting, Oppressing, challenging, counterattacking, crossing, Contradicting, confronting, meddling, Counteracting, opposing, inhibiting, countering, Checking, Obstructing, disagreeing, Resisting, repelling.
restraining (verb)
constricting, confining, Tethering, Collaring, controlling, binding, Leashing, Bridling, Shackling.
retaining (verb)
conserving, Reserving, holding, Preventing, Maintaining, retaining, preserving.
slowing (verb)
lingering, poking, dawdling, plodding, creeping, crawling, Retarding, Trudging, Loitering, slowing.

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Other relevant words:
preventative, preventive.

Usage examples for hindering

  1. " Go and sleep," she said, hindering his entrance into the disordered room. – Eugenie Grandet by Honore de Balzac