Synonyms for Son:


citizen, citizenry, citizenship, birthright, the body politic, compatriot, countrywoman, aboriginal, countryman, community. christ, disciple, evangelist, apostolic, the Holy Ghost, he, His, apostle, Him, father. sport, buster, BRO, dude, sonny, mate, bud, man, buddy. male (noun)
male child (noun)
descendant, heir, junior, dependent, chip off the old block, scion, foster-son, boy, sliver, offspring.
man (noun)
offspring (noun)
child, disciple.
person (noun)
son (noun)
word, boy, logos.

Other synonyms:

junior. man. boy
boy, child.

Usage examples for son

  1. " Quite right, son says he, " quite right." – Torchy by Sewell Ford