Synonyms for Concentrate:


sit up and take notice, edge, zero in on, concern yourself, pay attention, listen, hone in on, turn to, take notice. concentrate (noun)
condense, centralise, pore, focus, rivet, boil down, center, centre, dressed ore, centralize, reduce, decoct.
substance (noun)
dressed ore.


centralize (verb)
centralize, center.
change (verb)
contract, condense.
converge (verb)
intercept, unite, meet, approach, merge, focus.
decrease (verb)
compact, lower, abridge, contract, deflate, erode, abbreviate, curtail, decrease, abate, diminish, deduct, lessen, drain, subside, shorten, dwindle, recede, deplete, decrement, compress, die down, truncate, shrink.
diminish (verb)
lighten, condense, nip, minimize, cull, prune, pare, taper, crop, clip, trim, downgrade, weed, bob, shear, reduce, shave.
gather, collect (verb)
compact, conglomerate, centralize, store, bunch, localize, congest, mass, strengthen, amass, garner, agglomerate, cluster, coalesce, converge, swarm, reduce, accumulate, embody, huddle, assemble, consolidate, congregate, compress, combine, aggregate, contract, forgather, collect, hoard, muster.
meet (verb)
strengthen (verb)
think (verb)
debate, deliberate, ponder, calculate, reflect, study, weigh, evaluate, think, appraise, muse, cerebrate, contemplate, imagine, envision, consider, meditate, cogitate, speculate, reason, analyze, brood.
think about closely (verb)
knuckle down, ruminate, weigh, examine, center, ponder, scrutinize, muse, rivet, focus, study, intensify, set, contemplate, apply, meditate.

Other synonyms:

exist, knuckle down, collect, gather, hone in on, powder, accumulate. devote, substance, consolidate, listen, zero in on, wax, belong. buckle down, matter, dedicate. channel, medium, occupy, sit, material. lie, stuff, solid. agent, apply, turn to, bend. direct. address. turn, set. congregate
focus on

Usage examples for concentrate

  1. Why not concentrate their efforts here- by a gallery? – The Fortunes Of Glencore by Charles James Lever
  2. I'll concentrate on a series of transfinite numbers. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith