Synonyms for Hill:


assembly, city council, cabinet, city hall, congress, capitol hill, apparatus, caucus, bureaucracy. foothills, eminence, Downs, highlands, high, prominence, rise. bank, shock, mass, stack, tumble, mess, agglomeration, order, drift. lump. artifact (noun)
barrow (noun)
descent (noun)
height (noun)
height, elevation.
hill (noun)
j. j. hill, mound, Alfred Hawthorne, pitcher's mound, James Jerome Hill, Benny Hill.
mound (noun)
chine, precipice, steep, elevation, highland, Butte, hilltop, swell, gradient, bluff, promontory, climb, down, downgrade, cliff, spine, Esker, ridge, grade, tor, eminence, rising ground, slope, fell, helicline, dune, pitch, tumulus, acropolis, summit, rise, acclivity, protuberance, barrow, incline, ascent, headland, mesa, vantage point, monadnock, foothill, height, Kop, talus, declivity, hillside, hold, inclination, upgrade, knap, upland, descent.
mountain (noun)
hump, alp, sierra, mountain, mount, peak, range.
person (noun)
Benny Hill, Alfred Hawthorne.
ridge (noun)
Esker, ridge, chine.
uprising of earth's surface; pile (noun)
gradient, talus, fell, tor, ascent, ridge, eminence, shock, mount, headland, dune, climb, height, range, stack, slope, acclivity, cliff, precipice, mound, prominence, down, Butte, drift, promontory, protuberance, upland, summit, hillside, rising ground, mesa, inclination, bluff, elevation, highland, Esker, hilltop, rise, incline.

Other synonyms:

agglomeration, grade, tor, upland, slope, foothills, precipice, Butte. eminence, climb, Kop, height, fell, highlands, ridge. stack, prominence. mess. mass. bank. drift. aslope
headland, cliff.
Other relevant words:
barrow, agglomeration, mesa, Alfred Hawthorne, descent, precipice, assembly, j. j. hill, ridge, gradient, steep, Esker, swell, drift, dune, caucus, pitch, slope, rising ground, tumble, foothill, congress, mess, hilltop, bluff, summit, headland, lump, apparatus, upland, order, high, declivity, tumulus, James Jerome Hill, Benny Hill, upgrade, grade, down, mound, monadnock, bureaucracy, inclination, climb, highlands, promontory, hold, mass, tor, highland, pitcher's mound, bank, elevation, Butte, talus, knap, Downs, Kop, foothills, prominence, protuberance, shock, cabinet, ascent, acclivity, chine, rise, incline, fell, stack, helicline, cliff, eminence, hillside, acropolis, height, spine, downgrade.

Usage examples for hill

  1. After they had passed the wood, they saw an old castle among the trees, on the top of a hill – St. Peter's Umbrella by Kálmán Mikszáth
  2. That long hill from the station was rather an ordeal. – Furze the Cruel by John Trevena
  3. Now he looked on one side of the hill now on the other. – Waihoura, the Maori Girl by W.H.G. Kingston