Synonyms for Proportion:


accumulation, block, backlog, batch, arithmetic. big, degree, moiety, way. appeal, beautiful, charisma, harmony, charm, glamor, magnetism, good looks, allure, glitz, character, lure. proportions, scale. conform, coordinate, reconcile, accommodate, harmonize, attune, integrate, tune, agree. allotment (noun)
partition, division, quantum, budget, chunk, ration, dispensation, split, assignment, lot, stipend, piece, stake, part, apportionment, quota, commission, share, allotment, parcel, measure, percentage, allowance, portion, allocation, slice, segment.
attribute (noun)
balance (noun)
study at symmetry, relationship.
balance between parts of whole (noun)
symmetry, harmony.
degree (noun)
equilibrium (noun)
importance (noun)
emphasis, stress, priority, significance, eminence, weight, predominance, status, gravity, importance.
measure (noun)
portion (noun)
compartment, cut, member, bit, zone, helping, stock, dividend, half, subdivision, sector, fraction, interest.
proportion (noun)
balance, dimension, proportionality, symmetry.
regularity (noun)
relation (noun)
relative amount, size of part to whole (noun)
bulk, volume, part, dimension, fraction, scale, percentage, division, expanse, degree, amplitude, breadth, segment, quota, measure, portion, measurement, relationship, extent, share, magnitude, capacity, cut, apportionment.
size (noun)
capacity, breadth, chunkiness, expanse, length, bigness, amplitude, extent, corpulence, Portliness, magnitude, measurement, bulk, dimension, greatness, size, width, height, largeness, area, volume.
symmetry (noun)
balance, uniformity, regularity, symmetry, evenness.
unit of measurement (noun)

Other synonyms:

moiety. coordinate, harmonize, degree. attune. integrate, conform. harmony. reconcile. way, accommodate. Other relevant words:
conform, proportions, degree, harmonize, relationship, tune, way, scale, moiety, coordinate, harmony, integrate, attune, proportionality, reconcile, accommodate.

Usage examples for proportion

  1. The opportunities still exist and in just as large a proportion as they ever existed. – Opportunities in Engineering by Charles M. Horton
  2. That, however, is a task which is difficult in proportion as it is right; and he is a happy man who can once for all avoid having to do with a great many of his fellow creatures. – Counsels and Maxims From The Essays Of Arthur Schopenhauer by Arthur Schopenhauer