Synonyms for Gouge:


channel, bellows, adjustable wrench, blowtorch, blowlamp, scoop, box end wrench, Allen Wrench, bradawl, applicator, dig. shortchange, underpay, stiff, bleed, blackmail, whack, steal, peddle your influence. blight, burn, blister, rip off, honest, burnout, breakage, bruise, skin, blemish, take someone to the cleaners, break, make someone pay through the nose, chip, take someone for a ride, scalp, soak, fleece, clip, overcharge. tear, riddle, rip. attribute (noun)
dent, nick.
gouge (noun)
rout, nick, groove, extort, dent, rack, force out, wring.
groove, hole (noun)
channel, scoop.
perforator (noun)
spike, blade, penetrator, spear, tip, point, spur, bit, poker, arrow, lance, skewer, puncture, stick, die, bore, Perforator, needle, thorn.
tool (noun)
welder, tire iron, arc welder, grapnel, hammer, grindstone, hoe, sledgehammer, stapler, saw, sickle, chisel, tin snips, cold chisel, miter box, file, spoke shave, snips, scissors, pick, wrench, screwdriver, lug wrench, spade, coping saw, ball-peen hammer, posthole auger, buzz saw, ripsaw, calipers, handsaw, axe, Bow-saw, hatchet, lathe, chain saw, edger, auger, radial arm saw, mallet, hacksaw, shovel, monkey wrench, level, plane, keyhole saw, machete, awl, crosscut saw, circular saw, claw hammer, tool, emery wheel, scythe, trowel, back saw, jigsaw, square, spanner, knife, vise, planer, bench drill, pickax, scroll saw, Drill press, table saw, jointer, jackknife, crowbar, wedge, band saw, pliers, punch, pipe wrench, hedge trimmer, shears, wrecking bar, drill.


contact (verb)
force out, rout.
cut, scoop (verb)
shovel, dig, groove.
perforate (verb)
poke, penetrate, perforate, pierce.

Other synonyms:

shortchange, scalp, underpay. riddle, fleece, overcharge. channel. whack, bleed, clip, stiff. rip. soak. Other relevant words:
nick, fleece, blackmail, breakage, chip, bradawl, take someone to the cleaners, steal, blister, blight, break, honest, bruise, rack, dent, channel, applicator, blowlamp, scoop, shortchange, tear, force out, riddle, scalp, whack, blowtorch, rout, skin, groove, dig, soak, rip off, stiff, bellows, clip, rip, make someone pay through the nose, take someone for a ride, burnout, burn, wring, overcharge, underpay, extort, blemish, bleed.

Usage examples for gouge

  1. I can't stand more than a two- fifths gouge – Smoke Bellew by Jack London
  2. He might have handed his hunting- knife to him, but more than likely, in his blind striking and kicking, he would gouge out an eye or attempt to scalp himself, and then the mother would turn upon the donor in her wrath. – The Lost Trail by Edward S. Ellis