Synonyms for Pare:


top-slice, scalp, shrivel, flay. beat, bake, blanch, butcher, chill, carve, butchery, butter, bone, blend. nail polish, put on, scale, manicure, nail clippers, nail brush, decorticate, nail file, nail bar, emery board, nail scissors, nail varnish. pare (noun)
peel, pare down, trim, skin, whittle.


change (verb)
pare down.
cheapen (verb)
cheapen, devalue, degrade, slash, debase, mark down, devaluate, belittle.
diminish (verb)
deplete, minimize, clip, condense, shave, compact, downgrade, lighten, abbreviate, lessen, contract, cull, dwindle, diminish, decrement, drain, truncate, erode, abridge, shorten, bob, taper, decrease, crop, weed, nip, prune, deflate, shrink, shear, curtail, compress, concentrate, trim, reduce.
peel, trim (verb)
crop, flay, slash, scalp, reduce, clip, shave, decrease, cut, carve, dock, mark down, lower, decorticate, prune, skin, shear.
separate (verb)
detach, halve, slice, axe, part, disintegrate, excise, disassociate, divide, fragment, scissor, break, remove, Unglue, dissociate, separate, amputate, dissect, cleave, disengage, dismantle, split, sunder, estrange, rend, disunite, disassemble, disaffiliate, uncouple, segregate, rip, Unfix, divorce, unhinge, bisect, disjoin, insulate, alienate, incise, sever, disconnect, disarticulate.
subtract (verb)
deduct, dock, lower, elide, subtract, discount, depreciate, delete, cut.

Other synonyms:

manicure, decorticate, nail polish, nail bar, nail scissors, nail file, nail brush, nail clippers, emery board, nail varnish. chop. scale. cut short
mark down, lower.
truncate, abbreviate.
Other relevant words:
chop, manicure, flay, carve, scalp, scale, butcher, skin, peel, pare down, whittle, decorticate.

Usage examples for pare

  1. After three years' active service as army- surgeon, Pare returned to Paris with such a reputation that he was at once appointed surgeon in ordinary to the King. – Self Help by Samuel Smiles