Synonyms for Nip:


drink, booze, aperitif, chaser, alcohol, double, cup, belt. depress, catch, grind, press, snap, reach, strike, rub, flatten, crush, scrunch. flit, flash, festinate, move, rocket, sprint, pelt, race, scoot, bustle, speed, dart, trot, barrel, fly, hurry, whirl, rip, zoom, wing, run, haste, tear, whisk, hustle, sail, hasten, bucket, fleet, scour, zip, hotfoot, highball, whiz, rush, bolt, shoot. nibble (noun)
bite, morsel, catch.
nip (noun)
piquance, twitch, snip, squeeze, clip, sip, zest, snip off, pinch, tanginess, nip off, piquancy, tweet, shot, twinge.
quantity (noun)
swallow, taste (noun)
sip, bite, pinch, morsel, shot, catch.
tang (noun)


bite; take small part (verb)
compress, snip, twitch, squeeze, clip, snap, twinge.
contact (verb)
squeeze, tweet, pinch, twitch, twinge.
diminish (verb)
minimize, dwindle, shave, prune, deflate, bob, abbreviate, condense, trim, curtail, shrink, reduce, decrement, shorten, decrease, abridge, compact, weed, clip, diminish, drain, cull, downgrade, truncate, compress, pare, crop, lighten, shear, deplete, lessen, erode, concentrate, contract, taper.
steal (verb)
filch, fleece, hijack, holdup, grab, plagiarize, blackmail, plunder, heist, burglarize, mug, steal, poach, swindle, embezzle, pilfer, palm, loot, haul, shanghai, lift, rustle, defraud, swipe, cop, shoplift, pocket, abstract, pirate, extort, rob, stickup.
stop, thwart (verb)
blight, dash.

Other synonyms:

drink, festinate, bite, snitch, purloin. dart, hotfoot, blight, scoot, rush, rocket, bustle, highball, whisk, zoom, thieve, compression, flit. sprint, depress, sail, rip, scrunch, hasten. flatten, snap, flash, whiz, tear. grind, hurry, whirl, hustle, fleet, haste, rub. bolt, dash, crush. fly, run. catch, strike. shoot. press. snap
bite at.

Usage examples for nip

  1. Let the cutter stand out as she's going, and we'll nip in round the tail of her. – The White Wolf and Other Fireside Tales by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  2. " Nip right in," said Risley, and the two entered briskly, and closed the door behind them. – Jack Haydon's Quest by John Finnemore
  3. Although the snow lay deep in front of the building and a keen nip was in the air, there were groups of men scattered over the green. – Peggy Owen and Liberty by Lucy Foster Madison