Synonyms for Alcohol:


dram, double, chaser, cup, belt, aperitif. chloroform, cod liver oil, echinacea, Aloe vera, hydrocortisone, castor oil, balsam, baking soda. alcohol (noun)
inebriant, intoxicant, alcoholic beverage.
booze (noun)
chemical (noun)
ether, ketone, hydroxide, phosphate, ammonia, carbon dioxide, borax, bromide, sulfide, hydrocarbon, disulfide, hydrate, chloride, oxide, salt, sulfate, chlorate, citrate, bicarbonate, silicate, hydride, disulfate, chemical, borate, acetate, formaldehyde, fluoride, bisulfate, ethyl, bisulfide, peroxide, nitrate, benzoate, carbide, acetone, chromate, Tetroxide, fulminate, cyanide, methyl, dioxide, iodide, monoxide, carbonate, nitride.
food (noun)
inebriant, intoxicant, alcoholic beverage.
intoxicating, flammable liquid (noun)
intoxicant, drink, booze, ethanol, palliative, liquor, methanol, alky, hard stuff.
liqueur (noun)
preservative (noun)
spirits (noun)
liquor, ethanol, amyl alcohol, grain alcohol, the bottle, alky, wood alcohol, drink, methanol, palliative, hard stuff, the sauce, ethyl alcohol, juice, whiskey, rubbing alcohol, methyl alcohol, hooch, booze.
whiskey (noun)

Other synonyms:

castor oil, chaser, aperitif, cup, baking soda, cod liver oil, echinacea, Aloe vera, chloroform, hooch, dram. liquor, drink. belt. double. liquor
Other relevant words:
drink, balsam, hydrocortisone, chaser, alcoholic beverage, juice, double, ethyl alcohol, ethanol, hard stuff, whiskey, echinacea, booze, liquor, aperitif, amyl alcohol, inebriant, hooch, chloroform, intoxicant, methyl alcohol, cup, methanol, alky, belt, palliative, dram.

Usage examples for alcohol

  1. Life seems as insupportable without alcohol as without food. – In-Darkest-England-and-the-Way-Out by Booth, William
  2. She had heard of inaccessible truths brought to light by the magic wand of alcohol – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. Profit and loss, alcohol tobacco, women- all alike bore him no message. – The Flying Legion by George Allan England