Synonyms for Lap:


back, belly button, front, chest, abdomen, girth, belly, heart, flank, body. baton, clock, dash, come in, false start, ahead, the blocks, overhang, come, dead heat, fold, flap, extension, drop back. bite, bristle, burrow, frisk, cast, loop, gore, buck, claw, distance, race, beach. burst, deepen, crest, channel, course, break, shift blame, cast up, give, pass the buck, catch. change, departure, jumping-off point, port of call, landfall, drop off, layover, dry, leg, lip, the home stretch, bathe. bubble, splash, swash, burble, gurgle, move. lap (noun)
circuit, wash, overlap, lave, circle, swish, lap covering, swosh, lick, lap up.
orbit, circuit (noun)
course, distance, loop, circle.


contact (verb)
overlap (verb)
slosh, wash against (verb)
bubble, swish, bathe, burble, lick, splash, lave, lip, gurgle.

Other synonyms:

fold, port of call, layover, burble. landfall, drop off, the home stretch, jumping-off point, gurgle. departure, race, splash, bubble, bathe. lip. change. Other relevant words:
bristle, claw, break, gore, gurgle, loop, lip, change, front, belly, bite, channel, fold, come, dash, overhang, cast, burst, baton, departure, burrow, layover, swash, course, buck, girth, landfall, dry, circle, burble, heart, race, ahead, extension, leg, distance, bubble, flank, give, flap, frisk, back, splash, abdomen, chest, clock, catch, bathe, body, move, crest, beach, deepen.

Usage examples for lap

  1. " Very well, Vi," said Daddy Bunker, " you sit on one sled and take Mun Bun in your lap – Six Little Bunkers at Grandpa Ford's by Laura Lee Hope
  2. " But these are nothing, Clara," she said, laying the flowers on her lap – Heidi by Johanna Spyri
  3. But though it curled itself on her lap it showed no intention of going to sleep. – The Heath Hover Mystery by Bertram Mitford