Synonyms for Pin:


alligator clip, lead, cable, jack, adapter, cord, hookup, crocodile clip, outlet. connect, attach, fasten, stud, brooch, fix, secure, join, jewelry, Ouch. bangle, anklet, choker, costume jewelry, circlet, bracelet, cameo, bar. card, atm, cash card, cashpoint, automated teller machine, cash dispenser, hole-in-the-wall, machine, cash machine, Chip and Pin. defibrillator, balloon, drain, electrocardiogram, catheter, drip, ekg, eeg, ecg, electrocardiograph. cufflink, drawstring, braces, eyelet, cummerbund. obstruct, intercept, hold, hold back. cotton, bobbin, thimble, cotton reel, notions, pincushion, pinhead, eye. head, plug, dowel, butterfly nut, nut. bowler, lawn bowling, bowling, green, bowl, bowls, frame, boules, strike. detonator, nitroglycerin, payload, charge, warhead, shrapnel. badge (noun)
crown, mortarboard, tartan, scepter, talisman, regalia, ring, ermine, mantle, pall, badge, uniform, emblem, staff, tiara, orb, wand, signet, baton, insignia, coronet.
event (noun)
fastener (noun)
buckle, middleman, coupling, fastener, weld, bonding, binding, lace, clamp, clip, closure, connector, chain, bolt, bracket, suture, hasp, zipper, vise, binder, staple, hook, bond, mediator, hinge, nail, hitch, thread, cleat, latch, glue, grapnel, go-between, stay, belt, brace, fuse, catch, braid, strap, clasp, knot, lock, seal, mucilage, fastening, paste, medium, agent, cement, cotter, tack, anchor, splice, rivet, twine, skewer, link, stitch, brad, hawser, snap, spike, clinch, band, rabbet, tie, cinch, knitting, button, cincture, Vinculum, ligament, string, guy.
gems (noun)
jewelry (noun)
choker, cameo.
needle (noun)
hat pin, quill, lance, needle, spear, barb, harpoon, awl, prong, spur, spine, gimlet, pike, thumbtack, fishhook.
pin (noun)
immobilise, personal identification number, pivot, thole, flag, stick, immobilize, pin down, fall, tholepin, pin number, peg, pin up, oarlock, bowling pin, rowlock, trap.
post (noun)
spool (noun)


attach, hold in place (verb)
fasten, fix, immobilize, clasp, secure, join.
contact (verb)
immobilize, trap, immobilise.

Other synonyms:

PIN number
pin number.
brooch, bowls, notions, detonator, pinhead, shrapnel, intercept, thimble, bowling, warhead, lawn bowling, boules, fasten, pincushion, dowel, butterfly nut, bobbin, cotton reel. secure, connect, attach, bowler. payload, obstruct, fix, nut. join, cotton. eye, hold back, bowl. green. plug. head. strike. charge. hold. attach
tack, peg.
Other relevant words:
trap, bowler, defibrillator, oarlock, payload, attach, dowel, join, bracelet, cotton, immobilize, drawstring, bar, catheter, pincushion, bangle, bowls, green, bowling, warhead, lead, obstruct, fall, hookup, pinhead, eyelet, thimble, drip, nitroglycerin, nut, detonator, bobbin, bowling pin, balloon, ekg, stud, adapter, pin up, connect, tholepin, shrapnel, bowl, ecg, atm, thole, fasten, drain, peg, machine, flag, hole-in-the-wall, cord, cufflink, jewelry, circlet, personal identification number, cashpoint, cable, head, notions, pin number, outlet, electrocardiogram, card, boules, immobilise, eye, anklet, pivot, intercept, secure, hold, cummerbund, braces, rowlock, electrocardiograph, stick, frame, plug, charge, Ouch, cameo, brooch, fix, strike, choker, eeg, jack.

Usage examples for pin

  1. Did you hear what one of them said about how I rolled the rolling pin – Roy Blakeley's Camp on Wheels by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  2. When at last it was made fast with a pin Susie said,- " I am going to rub my hands with snow, Annie! – The Allis Family; or, Scenes of Western Life by American Sunday School Union
  3. That's no kind of a number to pin your hopes on! – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory