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leave (verb)

depart, omit, absent, evacuate, vacate, void, empty, leave.

Other synonyms:

bunco, rear, general, rescind, countermand, plagiarise, dislodge, abstraction, extract, cartoon, intellectual, boil down, twinge, appropriate, remove, creep, generalize, go up, conceptional, diptych, nonrealistic, abduct, kidnap, scam, utopian, crochet, overturn, flush out, snarf, elevate, vellicate, annul, mouse, weed out, abbreviation, lift, filch, accost, solicit, report, hypothetical, detach, wind, pluck, aquatint, synopsis, abstractionist, rook, avant-garde, generalization, precis, purloin, accessible, separate, outline, ideational, technical, complex, gip, arise, daub, take, artsy-craftsy, theoretic, soak, diddle, uncover, goldbrick, nonconformist, hoist, deterministic, collage, discriminate, distract, words, overcharge, distinguish, hornswoggle, raise, nonfigurative, academic, notional, transcendent, move up, ascertain, reverse, symbolic, victimize, snare, get up, snitch, cabbage, eliminate, abstract entity, real, thieve, plume, speculative, read up on, artistic, separate, obscure, analysis, difficult, rise, surcharge, slip, gyp, central, con, decrease, get out, painting, withdraw, face-lift, take off, withdraw, discover, conceptual, popular, find out, establish, involved, revoke, bas-relief, brief, pussyfoot, pinch, abstractedness, addict, aesthetic, mulct, campy, condense, twitch, take away, baroque, metaphysical, nonobjective, hook, scheme, knock off, caricature, come up, crimp, clear, get, squeeze, round-up, transcendental, purloin, nobble, hypothetic, swipe, short-change, account, theoretical, steal, lineation, encapsulate, remove, summarize, camp, tweet, sum up, ideal, top, pilfer, divert, sneak, doodle, sweep away, find, repeal, gather, orthodox, determine, snatch, rough out, bring up, generalisation, glom, gazump, a, compend, schema, uprise, airlift, canvas.

Examples of usage:

This is all there is to say on the subject of the abstract rights of land titles. - "The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society", Upton Sinclair.

For a generation or two, however, these more abstract subjects have fallen into neglect; and, among those who plume themselves on being " practical," even into contempt. - "Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I", Herbert Spencer.

The continental turn of mind is abstract, the turn of the English and American mind is concrete. - "The Future of International Law", Lassa Oppenheim.

Similar words:

abstract art, abstract artist, abstract expressionism, abstract thought, abstractly, abstractor, abstraction, abstractive, abstruse.

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