Synonyms for Rush:


American Football (noun)
bowl, backfield, conversion kick, end zone, end, bootleg, carry, American Football.
interest, fascination, absorption, involvement, passion, public interest, fixation, spice, motivation, love affair. cold turkey, well, crackhouse, comedown, abuse, bust, addiction, clean, pour, crack den, stream, dependence, flow. anticipation, fast, satisfaction, delight, ecstasy, enthusiasm, hurry-up, pleasure, excitement, joie de vivre, wonder. reed, duckweed, watercress, sedge, seaweed, algae, water lily, kelp, seagrass. go for, assail, strike at, come at, set on, ambush, fly at, attack, mug. impulse, outburst, spasm, spurt, twinge, fit. busy, bottleneck, back up, congestion, hold up, congestion charge, bumper-to-bumper, jam, gridlock, filter. cut, cinematic, celluloid, film, FPS, the big screen, cinematography, FX, Bollywood, frame. channel, burst, deepen, cast up, crest, catch, come in, break. haze, fraternity, chapter house, Phi Beta Kappa, Hazing, greek, pledge, frat. be quick, chase. jerk, flick, start, twitch, lunge, flutter, jump, dive. panic, a mad dash/rush, a race against time, stampede. act (noun)
action (noun)
attack (noun)
haste (noun)
hurry, speed (noun)
flow, race, scramble, stream, swiftness, dash.
speed (noun)
impetus, celerity, alacrity, pace, swiftness, zoom, gallop, velocity, rapidity, quickness.


hasten (verb)
quicken, hustle, accelerate, speed, hurry, bustle, push, flurry, hasten, urge, expedite, spur.
hurry, speed (verb)
expedite, quicken, scurry, run, dart, barrel, whiz, zoom, sprint, break, chase, fleet, accelerate, fly, flit, shoot, bolt, hasten, hustle, tear.
run (verb)
trot, dart, canter, jog, sprint, dash, scoot, scamper, scurry, race, run, lope, tear, scramble, bound, plunge.
speed (verb)
dash, hurry, speed, gallop.

Other synonyms:

kelp, Hazing, Phi Beta Kappa, seagrass, algae, frat, duckweed, impulse, water lily, hurry-up, watercress, seaweed, sedge. outburst, twinge, chapter house, panic, burst, haze, flit, highball, shoot, whisk, spasm, reed, rocket. rip, sail, spurt, stream, twitch, fraternity. bucket, whiz, flow, flash, flick, pledge, lunge. greek, jerk, nip, pour, stampede, fleet. bolt. fly, chase. flutter. fit, dive. jump. start. attack
come at, go for.
Other relevant words:
bolt, fly, shoot, chase, drive, flow, fly at, scour, flutter, pour, stream.

Usage examples for rush

  1. " You see, there has been a rush of work at Scotland Yard lately. – The Hampstead Mystery by John R. Watson
  2. In the meantime the rush for The Corner started. – Gunman's Reckoning by Max Brand
  3. " Well, it's true," said Jane Repton in a rush – Witness For The Defence by A.E.W. Mason