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acquire - 329 results
possess (verb)

monopolize, have, possess, hold, claim, own.

Other synonyms:

pick out, charter, commence, stupefy, bring on, engage, make grow, snap up, create, beget, get a line, invade, need, take on, build up, take up, take for granted, meet, amaze, nonplus, get wind, get hold of, bring, dramatise, submit, prepare, drive, embrace, dumbfound, pose, bring about, demand, turn, wear, disestablish, accomplish, bewilder, don, consume, come by, memorize, gain ground, engender, lead, call for, film, clear, develop, take over, go, spring up, come down with, cause, assume, bugger off, follow, mature, stick, get in, produce, ask, baffle, vex, presume, use up, perplex, fill, formulate, suffer, begin, cultivate, require, memorise, profit, bring in, sire, tackle, discover, pay off, get down, deal, hear, postulate, remove, train, seize, study at, mystify, hire, bring home the bacon, go down with, come through, bankrupt, aim, contain, knock down, convey, stimulate, hit, germinate, get word, make, feign, grow, teach, carry, take, look at, mother, evolve, dramatize, arise, encounter, benefit, recrudesce, play, pull down, climb, deliver the goods, uprise, get into, lease, flummox, rise, adopt, arrive, puzzle, give rise, sham, choose, afflict, bring forth, come out, acquaint yourself with something, get, select, retrain, ascertain, take in, pull ahead, achieve, occupy, make headway, reach, earn, import, espouse, con, succeed, father, find out, raise, let, form, shoot, explicate, take away, borrow, watch, sustain, farm, conduct, pay back, draw, experience, undertake, realise, start out, guide, comedown, buzz off, set about, withdraw, instruct, place, derive, sweep up, consider, compass, arrest, find, come, modernise, advance, beat, check, break, rent, ascent, see, get under one's skin, arrive at, grasp, master, contract, get ahead, descend, exact, keep up, read, become, learn, necessitate, buy up, gain, involve, pick up, beggar, induce, set out, determine, gravel, strike, subscribe to, invest in, simulate, pull in, take aim, fix, educate, start, subscribe, scram, direct, generate, modernize, arrogate, study, bear, larn, realize, put on, bring out, originate, maturate, pack.

Examples of usage:

Some animals have learned not only to acquire, but also to defend and protect, all their property. - "The Human Side of Animals", Royal Dixon.

Wealth may acquire these things but it cannot own them. - "The Girl Wanted", Nixon Waterman.

And it could in no wise acquire such power unless as the creature of the people, and not of the states. - "The Critical Period of American History", John Fiske.

Similar words:

acquirer, acquired, acquired reflex, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, acquit, acquiring, acquiesce, acquirable, acquaint.

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