Synonyms for Acquire:


acquaint yourself with something, keep up, retrain. buy up, study at, get in, snap up, invest in, import, place. beggar, ascent, descend, bankrupt, climb, disestablish, comedown, come by, come out. afflict, go down with, form, invade, come down with. acquire (noun)
produce, grow, take, adopt, take on, develop, assume, get.


acquire (verb)
lure, heap, win, corner, buy, net, land, incur, claim, purchase, garner, wrangle, secure, assume, palm, obtain, score, fetch, retrieve.
add (verb)
increase, sum, increment, add, accrue, total, augment, attain, aggregate, accumulate, tally.
body (verb)
get, develop, grow, produce.
obtain or receive (verb)
buy, gather, win, access, secure, amass, get, grab, land, attain, take, procure, catch, collect, annex, have.
possess (verb)
hold, have, own, possess.
possession (verb)
receive (verb)
assimilate, inspire, devour, receive, gobble, engorge, absorb, access, gulp, eat, admit, ingest, inhale, accept, pocket.
take (verb)
usurp, annex, procure, nab, harvest, levy, deprive, take, catch, bag, reap, abduct, appropriate, get, grab, monopolize, impound, confiscate, commandeer, amass, capture, collect, gather.

Other synonyms:

retrain, disestablish, snap up, beggar, invest in, come out, buy up, comedown. get in, ascent, import, keep up. place. contract
go down with.

Usage examples for acquire

  1. Wealth may acquire these things but it cannot own them. – The Girl Wanted by Nixon Waterman
  2. And it could in no wise acquire such power unless as the creature of the people, and not of the states. – The Critical Period of American History by John Fiske