Synonyms for Guess:


overestimate, underestimate, put two and two together, read between the lines. opinion, a stab in the dark. belief (noun)
opinion, thesis.
belief, speculation (noun)
hypothesis, fancy, divination, postulation, surmisal, surmise, shot in the dark, conclusion, shot, supposition, postulate, theory, thesis, opinion, guesstimate, guesswork, induction, reckoning, inference, estimate, deduction, suspicion, conjecture, presumption, presupposition.
communication (noun)
speculation, supposition, conjecture, surmise, hypothesis, surmisal.
conjecture (noun)
induction, opinion, fancy, postulation, thesis, guesstimate, association of ideas, postulate, presupposition, belief, divination, shot in the dark, suspicion.
doubt (noun)
guess (noun)
hypothesis, think, suppose, shot, hazard, speculation, infer, dead reckoning, venture, reckon, estimate, judge, surmisal, surmise, guessing, approximate, opine, conjecture, imagine, guesswork, supposition, gauge.
supposition (noun)
theory, conception, inkling, prophecy, fantasy, imagination, speculation, hypothesis.
thought (noun)


cognition (verb)
opine, reckon, imagine, think, infer, suppose.
suppose (verb)
hypothesize, conceive, conjecture, speculate, prophesy, fantasize, imagine, theorize, philosophize.
try to figure out; imagine (verb)
infer, hazard, deduce, judge, think, speculate, presume, calculate, venture, opine, theorize, hypothesize, reckon, suppose.

Other synonyms:

opinion, belief, underestimate. overestimate. calculate
enumerate, multiply.
dead reckoning.

Usage examples for guess

  1. I suppose you guess what is coming. – Anthony Lyveden by Dornford Yates
  2. Well, I guess I mean something about like this. – Home Fires in France by Dorothy Canfield
  3. " I guess it can be done, sir," he replied. – The Boy Allies Under the Sea by Robert L. Drake