Synonyms for Pressure:


centrifugal force, balance, amplitude, calorific, attraction, absorbance, air resistance, relief, bonding, strength, load, centripetal force, capillary action, weight, tension, encumbrance, release, mass, shear, burden. concern, alarm, distress, anxiety, worry, disquiet, strain. bogie, bugbear, bogey, violence, canker, demons, blanket, cancer, bugaboo, attack. pitch, sweetener, bait, dare, blandishments, emotional blackmail, shock tactics, wiles, hard sell. threaten, badger, pester, drag into. compulsion (noun)
propulsion, intimidation, stimulation, incitement, obligation, duress, compulsion, coercion.
heaviness (noun)
physical force, weight (noun)
mass, shear, burden, encumbrance, strength, stress, tension, strain, load.
pressure (noun)
force, pressing, blackjack, blackmail, press, pressure level, force per unit area, insistence, imperativeness, insistency, coerce, pressure sensation, hale.
tightness (noun)


bother, urge (verb)
impel, compel, drive, push.
compel (verb)
daunt, nag, hijack, goad, foment, intimidate, propel, browbeat, coerce, bully, push, press, impel, oblige, mandate, stimulate, cause, dictate, compel, bulldoze, incite, drive, urge, galvanize, dragoon, spark, stress.
influence (verb)
empower, influence, prejudice, control, power, affect, command, bias, lead, master, motivate, sway, predominate, authorize.

Other synonyms:

load, necessity, anxiety, constraint, blandishments, emotional blackmail, shock tactics, wiles, disquiet. oppression, dare, sweetener, hard sell, worry, strain, tension. bait, violence. strength. concern. pitch.

Usage examples for pressure

  1. Had the doctor uttered a word of pressure or suggestion, Garth would have decided for silence. – The Rosary by Florence L. Barclay
  2. To the pressure of this evil among the very poor in East London notice has already been drawn. – Problems of Poverty by John A. Hobson