Synonyms for Blackmail:


abet, commit, commission, case, bootleg, shakedown, protection, counterfeit, abduct, bribe. decoy, lever, manipulation, psychological warfare, hush money, special pleading, sop, bribery. child abuse, contempt of court, bigamy, contempt, conspiracy, defamation, agriterrorism, criminal negligence, bioterrorism. buy off, cultivate, flatter, maneuver, cozy up, keep in with, make up to, buy. blackmail (noun)
pressure, blackjack.
bribe (noun)
protection, hush money.
intimidation for money; money to quiet informer (noun)
bribe, protection, extortion, hush money, bribery.
theft (noun)
burglary, banditry, extortion, shoplifting, thievery, theft, embezzlement, larceny, robbery, abstraction, stealing, piracy, plagiarism, pilferage.


intimidating for money (verb)
steal (verb)
pilfer, shanghai, stickup, hijack, swipe, shoplift, lift, palm, nip, mug, defraud, abstract, rob, poach, extort, pocket, filch, embezzle, heist, cop, holdup, loot, burglarize, swindle, steal, rustle, plagiarize, pirate, haul, grab, plunder, fleece.

Other synonyms:

contempt of court, defamation, buy off, keep in with, child abuse, commit, criminal negligence, bribery, bootleg, bigamy, sop, shakedown, abduct, psychological warfare, commission. conspiracy, decoy, flatter, lever, contempt, make up to, special pleading, case. cultivate. manipulation. maneuver, buy. bribe
hush money.
embezzle, steal, plagiarize.
Other relevant words:
blackjack, bribe, case, contempt, lever, buy, cultivate, bioterrorism, defamation, hush money, flatter, maneuver, decoy, abduct, shakedown, commission, bribery, bigamy, commit, conspiracy, protection, counterfeit, agriterrorism, bootleg, abet, manipulation, pressure, sop.

Usage examples for blackmail

  1. " Never let him blackmail you," Peter had said. – Jan and Her Job by L. Allen Harker
  2. Further, I did not want to run any risk of Mr. Rhodes hinting later that I had tried to blackmail him, or that he had made a suggestion as to interesting me later in the Chartered Company which had been apparently welcomed by me, and so on and so on. – The Adventure of Living by John St. Loe Strachey
  3. From the bathroom, between splashes, he retained Harrison by the year, month, day and hour, to stand between him and blackmail – Brewster's Millions by George Barr McCutcheon