Synonyms for Consent:


undertake, say yes, go along with, sign up, commit yourself. subscribe, accredit, yes, recognize, nod, give something/someone the green light, look kindly on something, recommend. authority, exemption, dispensation, O.K.. agreement (noun)
acquiescence, covenant, accession, agreement, accordance, arrangement, capitulation, accord, bond, concord, compact, pact, deal, stipulation, acceptance, understanding, settlement, concordance, consensus, empathy, unanimity, concurrence, treaty.
agreement; concession (noun)
allowance, approval, yes, concurrence, blessing, sanction, authorization, understanding, permit, assent, compliance, permission, acquiescence, accord.
approval (noun)
approval, authentication, approbation, permission, Underwriting, confirmation, endorsement, ratification, affirmation.
authorization (noun)
certification, designation, blessing, entitlement, notarization, empowerment, enfranchisement, validation, authorization.
compliance (noun)
conformance, obeisance, deference, compliance, willingness, observance, genuflection, submission, conformity, adherence, fealty, resignation, homage, meekness, submissiveness, servility, obedience, fulfillment.
consent (noun)
accept, allowance, go for.
enthusiasm (noun)
general agreement (noun)
permit (noun)
praise (noun)
promise (noun)
engagement, obligation, oath, assurance, mutual agreement.


agree (verb)
agree, cooperate, allow, affirm, pledge, knuckle under, accede, sanction, yield, capitulate, endorse, empathize, let, contract, acquiesce, bless, concede, say yes, welcome, concur, accept, conform, subscribe, approve, assent, promise, comply, stipulate.
approve (verb)
authorize, certify, authenticate, ratify, validate, confirm, permit, underwrite, approbate.
authorize (verb)
license, warrant, notarize, commission, deputize, countersign, ordain, empower, entitle, denominate, enable, designate, enfranchise.
communication (verb)
go for, accept.
comply (verb)
bow, obey, cede, bend, yield, observe, fulfill, succumb, cave, adhere, comply, respect, genuflect, knuckle under, surrender, submit, kowtow, defer.
consent (verb)
allow, condone, let.
permit (verb)
concede, release, tolerate.
promise (verb)
assure, swear, guarantee, vow.

Other synonyms:

exemption, recommend, subscribe, accredit, sign up, undertake, go along with. dispensation, yes, O.K.. nod. agree
go along with.
sign up.
Other relevant words:
authority, dispensation, say yes, recommend, nod, yes, go for, go along with, undertake, exemption, recognize, subscribe, accredit, acceptance.

Usage examples for consent

  1. If you feel you must go, I'll have to consent – Blake's Burden by Harold Bindloss
  2. But Albert will marry me, his father will consent you said so yourself just now. – San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock