Synonyms for Choke:


kill off, stamp out, drown, noose, shut off, interfere with, cut into, gibbet, squeeze out, overpower. Air brake, acceleration, brake pad, alternator, brake fluid, ABS, bottom gear, automatic transmission, gasp, antilock braking system, burn out. fizzle, languish, backfire, crash, miss, breath, collapse, founder. harm, strain, bruise, disable, wound, burn, cut, injure. come out, sit on, squelch, come up, hush, bud, quench, bloom, hold-down, blossom, bear, suppress, die back, climb, burke, hold back. cry out, back away, fill, close, bolt, cower, hyperventilate, full, cringe, shrink, recoil, shout, tremble. deep, labored, heavily, deeply, indrawn, bronchial, pulmonary, chesty, breathless. pack, pack in, cram, saturate, stock, crowd. artifact (noun)
choking coil, choke coil.
car part (noun)
exhaust, bearings, camshaft, dashboard, windshield, differential, cowl, carburetor, horn, distributor, speedometer, hood, crankcase, crankshaft, manifold, piston, glove compartment, gear, clutch, shock absorber, spark plug, transmission, gearshift, generator, fan, fender, cylinder, taillights, radiator, connecting rod, steering wheel, odometer, accelerator, brake, ignition, chassis, muffler, bumper, gearbox.
choke (noun)
congest, drop-dead, foul, back up, strangle, clog, choking coil, conk, fret, suffocate, throttle, choke off, choke coil, kick the bucket, clog up, pop off, buy the farm, asphyxiate, croak, gag, scrag, snuff it.
choke back (noun)
inhibit, curb, suppress, restrain, check.
closure (noun)
fastener, stopper, closure, lock, seal, cork.
hindrance (noun)
entrapment, impedance, congestion, interruption, obstruction, constipation, resistance, opposition, blockade, encumbrance, complication, disadvantage, frustration, inhibition, impediment, deterrent, drawback, impasse, entanglement, damper, stoppage, hurdle, constraint, obstacle, barrier, blockage, restriction, bafflement, restraint, hindrance.


body (verb)
gag, suffocate, strangle.
contact (verb)
gag, fret.
hinder (verb)
detain, check, restrain, obstruct, oppose, hinder, fetter, restrict, catch, constrain, frustrate, block, cramp, jam, cripple, stop, congest, bung, impair, crimp, drag, dam, foul, thwart, impede, stay, counter, tangle, hamper, curb, deter, burden, paralyze, entangle, clog, bar, complicate, inhibit, snag, resist, plug, baffle, handicap, constipate, hamstring, encumber, entrap, delay, interrupt, snarl, bottleneck, mire.
smother, block (verb)
fill, throttle, gasp, check, gag, drown, congest, stopper, obstruct, overpower, close, bar, gibbet, suppress, strangle, noose, clog, dam, suffocate, asphyxiate, stop.

Other synonyms:

die back, pulmonary, bronchial, extinguish, indrawn, burke. heavily, saturate, labored, hush, quaver, deeply, tremble, gasp, chesty. sigh, cram, fill, squelch, blossom, bud, bloom. breathless, gulp, pack in, quench. puff, modulate. deep, crowd. flop. climb. come out. come up, blow. stock, bear. pack, lift. rise. drop. cram
pack in, squash.
drop dead
put the lid on.
fight for breath.
stop up

Usage examples for choke

  1. Ye maun tak a heap o' care, lass, that the plenty and content ye're livin' in doesna spring up and choke the word." – Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  2. Hour after hour, by night as well as by day, we struggled forward, staggering, stumbling, some raving with fever, others with set faces, biting their yellow lips to choke back the pain. – Captain Macklin by Richard Harding Davis
  3. Before the children could make any answer, Mr. Rabbit began to chuckle, and he chuckled so heartily that Sweetest Susan was afraid he would choke – Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country by Joel Chandler Harris