Synonyms for Source:


discover, read up on, ascertain, find out, establish, uncover, determine, gather. come by, get together, derive, gain, find, specialist, get, expert, obtain, bring, authorization, accept. donor, supplier, paymaster, meal ticket, mother, Indian Giver, Provenience, provenance, rootstock, contributor, well, payer, fountainhead, backer, a good/bad/big etc. tipper, parent. contact, backstory, contribute, editorship, edit, citizen journalism, embed, cover, checkbook journalism, connection, connect, circulation. bayou, cataract, bottom, confluence, backwater, cascade, bight, branch, channel, bed. beginning (noun)
commencement, introduction, creation, conception, earliness, start, preparation, inauguration, dawn, genesis, babyhood, hatching, birth, prelude, origin, derivation, nativity, stem, infancy, sprout, nascency, inception, spring, embryo, emergence, beginning, cradle, precursor.
beginning; point of supply (noun)
author, specialist, spring, expert, fountainhead, provenance, root, dawn, origin, commencement, start, cause, informant, origination, connection, Provenience, determinant, mother, parent, derivation, inception.
birthplace (noun)
bottom (noun)
cause (noun)
effectuation, enforcement, compunction, force, execution, action, determinant, drive, provocation, compulsion, root, origination, motive, basis, motivator, cause, stimulus, evocation, generation, grounds, factor, inspiration, mainspring, elicitation.
causes (noun)
culprit, influence, trigger, impetus, catalyst.
informer (noun)
source (noun)
beginning, root, informant, seed, author, reference, germ, origin, rootage, generator.

Other synonyms:

meal ticket, Indian Giver, backer, rootstock, supplier, paymaster, payer, Provenience, donor. fountainhead, contributor, provenance. well. derive, contact, parent. mother. connection. Other relevant words:
contribute, trigger, fountainhead, mother, edit, well, uncover, contributor, seed, bring, contact, cascade, generator, branch, find, cover, paymaster, gather, catalyst, discover, editorship, connection, bottom, ascertain, occasion, informant, confluence, circulation, influence, obtain, bayou, donor, supplier, payer, authorization, establish, germ, rootage, embed, get, Provenience, backer, determine, backwater, culprit, provenance, bight, derive, reference, gain, channel, author, connect, backstory, accept, impetus, parent, cataract, expert, rootstock, specialist, bed.

Usage examples for source

  1. Be this as it may, Percy was always provided with money from some source – Madeline Payne, the Detective's Daughter by Lawrence L. Lynch
  2. One source of strength he always had to rely upon. – Stories of the Prophets (Before the Exile) by Isaac Landman
  3. I remembered as I looked at him, thinking, 'Behold the source of my own temper, ' but I said nothing, and was in no other way affected by what I saw. – Cynthia Wakeham's Money by Anna Katharine Green