Synonyms for Fathom:


see the light, fall/fit into place, deduce, get the idea, have a feel for something, make sense of something, work out. catch, make out, twig, deep, read, bottommost, deeply, bottomless, ken, understand, accept, savvy, apprehend, knee-deep, take, comprehend, follow, dig, compass, conceive, get, come down, take in, sense, depth, see, fathomless, grasp. knowledge, know. fathom (noun)
penetrate, sound, bottom, fthm.
quantity (noun)


appreciate (verb)
read, realize, understand.
apprehend (verb)
accept, conceive, sense.
change (verb)
cognition (verb)
penetrate, bottom.
comprehend (verb)
make out, see, take in.
crack (verb)
work out, solve.
discover (verb)
dig up, unravel, realize, disclose, solve, elicit, disinter, expose, breakthrough, determine, reveal, unearth, identify, unmask, discover, educe, detect, Unriddle, find, recognize.
figure (verb)
determine, discover, Unriddle.
grasp (verb)
take, compass.
guess (verb)
interpret (verb)
understand, comprehend.

Other synonyms:

ken, understand, bottommost, deeply. fathomless, read, twig, knee-deep, bottomless. comprehend, apprehend. grasp. conceive, deep, know. depth. come down. dig, accept. see. follow. catch. take. get. know
get the idea.

Usage examples for fathom

  1. I can't fathom in the least what it all means. – Jack Haydon's Quest by John Finnemore
  2. At high tide there is about a fathom of salt water over the spring, and water is brought up either by divers who go down with skins, or by pushing a hollow bamboo down into it. – Southern Arabia by Theodore Bent Mabel Bent